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A 6 Week Journey To Dissolve the Barriers to Love

Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it”



Experience a life-changing 6-week online journey, to deepen your capacity to open to divine love and soul mate reunion. Enter into a transformational crucible and reclaim your divine design, unlocking your birthright to manifest deep soul mate reunion.

Discover the alchemical power within, as you anchor the template for Sacred Union, grounding yourself in sacred practices that unleashes your highest soul potential in love and sacred relationships.

Join us as we dissolve barriers to deepening into soul mate love, learn to love and recognise the beliefs that are blocking love and deepen your capacity for intimacy, forging profound connections with ourselves, others, and the Divine. 

Together we will unhook from past relationships, finish the unfinished business and recognise what we need to do to create the space to be more available for our soul mates. 

Join us to embark on a journey to rebirth your soul’s magnificence—for your own transformation and the greater good of humanity.

When we come together in sacred union with our deep soul beloved, it creates a ripple effect and is a blessing on the world.

Take a moment to feel into your heart…

Are you longing to experience greater love, intimacy and connection with your current beloved or a new partner?

Do you desire to deepen your spiritual practice and to have a deeper connection to your inner Divinity?

Are you aware that although you long for love, for some reason you keep pushing it away?

Are you in a relationship and you desire to go deeper?

Do you feel like it is your destiny to experience great soul love in this lifetime?

Then this online course is for you.


“When you make the two one, and when you make the inner as the outer and the outer as the inner and the above as the below, and when you make the male and the female into a single one, so that the male will not be male and the female not be female . . . then shall you enter the kingdom.”

~The Gospel of Thomas

Welcome into the Temple of Sacred Union

Welcome to a transformative journey where we nourish the depths of our beloved hearts, discovering true sovereignty and the ability to find joy within ourselves, whether or not a beloved is present. Paradoxically, it is from this space of abundant love that we become magnetic to love itself.

Together, we will liberate ourselves from the grip of past relationships, creating the space for new love to enter or for existing love to deepen and flourish. Through an inner inquiry process, we will embark on a profound exploration of our “love shadow,” uncovering the unconscious beliefs that have been unconsciously shaping our experiences and manifesting what we do not desire.

With heightened awareness, we gain the power to bring these subliminal beliefs, which have been hindering our ability to embrace love, into the light. We lovingly embrace and ultimately transform them.

The Temple of Sacred Union warmly welcomes both men and women who are ready to embark on a journey of heart healing and deepening their connection with their soul mate. It is a sanctuary where profound transformation awaits, nurturing the sacred bond within and opening the door to a love beyond imagination.



Imagine that feeling, when your heart opens wide, pulsating with sensual attraction and a deep yearning for connection. The spark of your soul ignites, radiating vibrant creative energy within. It’s an urge to merge, a profound longing to connect. And you do connect. Your heart blossoms, intertwining with the magnetic pull of desire, soaring in the realm of love.

Yet, as you delve deeper into the depths of intimacy, emotions rise to the surface. Old wounds emerge, casting a shadow on the once-glowing connection. Communication falters, and a subtle disconnection takes hold. It’s a pivotal moment, where relationship threads begin to unravel. Often, we find ourselves ill-equipped to navigate these rising wounds, resulting in physical shutdown, emotional distance, and the unfortunate dissolution of the relationship.

Repeating these patterns becomes all too familiar, until we grasp the keys to navigate and transform them. Here lies the beauty: within the core principles of sacred inner union, we discover the alchemical keys to heal the wounds of love.

Tantric Rose Mystery School



Meeting the Inner Beloved

Our journey commences with a powerful focus on developing a sacred relationship with our inner beloved. Through deep inner union practices, we tap into the boundless source of love within and cultivate a sense of inner sovereignty. From this sacred space, we magnetize beloved relationships in our external reality.
Join us in Week 1 to unlock the keys to sacred union and radiate love from within, attracting connections that resonate with your depth and authenticity.


Opening Ceremony & Weekly Practice {Audio} – Meeting the Inner Beloved



Desires versus Beliefs

This week will get super clear on what we really desire to experience in our romantic relationships. Drawing upon the wisdom of somatic therapy, inner child work, dialoguing with unwanted parts, and tantric energy healing, you will be given the opportunity to uncover the hidden subconscious programs that may be keeping deep love and connection at a distance. When our subconscious beliefs contradict our desires, we experience an inner conflict that prevents us from either attracting a beloved or deepening in love with our long term beloved. By welcoming these beliefs and unwanted parts into the light, you can align them with your heartfelt desires, brining peace back into your system and creating what you desire, rather than what you don’t desire through the power of your subconsious mind.

Healing the Wounds of Love Ceremony & Weekly Practice {Audio} – The Alchemy of Love


Opening to The Highest Possibilities of Divine Union

This week, we will harness the manifestational power of the Lions Gate and embark on a journey to embrace the highest possibilities of Divine Union, immersing ourselves in the timeless myths of sacred couples to inspire us. We shall delve into the captivating tales of Shiva and Parvati, Isis and Osiris, Mary Magdalene and Yeshua, and the Queen of Solomon and Sheeba. These enchanting narratives awaken us to the boundless potential of soul mate love and Divine Union.  Join us to anchor the template of Sacred Union into your energetic body to magnetise a deepening of great love with your soul mate.


Manifestation Ceremony & Weekly Practice {Audio} – Anchoring the BELOVED Template



Completing the Past

During this pivotal week, we delve deeper into the profound act of forgiveness and releasing the grip of the past. Our focus is on liberating ourselves from the lingering attachments and emotional entanglements that hinder our ability to fully embrace the present. In a powerful session, we embark on a journey of clearing all hooks and attachments to past lovers. By addressing these deep-seated connections, we create space within ourselves to step fully into the present, opening the doors to a newfound sense of liberation, allowing us to move forward with clarity, authenticity, and an expanded capacity for love and connection.

Completing the Past Ceremony & Weekly Practice {Audio} – Completing the Past


Co-Creating Your Future in Love

Now that we have released the past and taken responsibility for our own wounds, it’s time to anchor into our highest possibilities for love and sacred union. Together, we clarify our heart’s desires and explore the art of manifesting them through embodiment and deeply feeling what it is we want to be feeling. Creating the space for you to remember how to co-create with the divine, embracing your power to shape a future filled with love and fulfillment. We will also get really practical about how to create more space in our lives for love.


Co – Creating your Future in Love Audio Ceremony & Weekly Practice {Audio} – Meditation: Embody your Future in LOVE



Sacred Inner Marriage

As we enter the culmination of our journey, we gather in a sacred ceremony to unite ourselves in marriage. Inspired by the ancient grail mysteries, we embody the profound rite of sacred inner union, harmonizing the light and dark aspects of both the masculine and feminine within us. In this sacred union, we become whole. Once we have married ourselves, we unlock the power to magnetize our beloveds. From a place of wholeness, we can practice sacred union within the sacred container of a loving relationship. Join us as we embark on this final stage of our transformative journey, where the alchemy of sacred inner marriage leads us to profound love, unity, and the fulfillment of our deepest desires.


Sacred Inner Marriage Ceremony & Weekly Practice {Video} – Sacred Inner Union Somatic Movment Practice

What you will receive

A 6 week self-led journey into Sacred Inner Union, with recorded video ceremonies plus meditations/practices for you to practice the new teachings each week.

Weekly video or audio Teachings and Practices recordings with Leyolah offering teachings and sacred inner union practices, somatic meditation, shakti activation, Guided shamanic journeys,  inner inquiry, journaling and sharing.

 Exclusive access to a private facebook group 

 A private Members Portal with all course material



Participants Share Their Experiences

“I recently took Leyolah’s ‘Sacred Union’ course. I was looking for a way to work on balancing my own masculine and feminine energies, to both bring myself into a place of love and acceptance and hopefully to open up more possibility to allow a healthy love relationship into my life. I found the weekly classes both powerful and deeply nourishing to the parts of myself that felt less than whole. I am more at peace with myself, and more radiant in my life and work. I know with absolute certainty, that doing this course has changed my perception, and that I will manifest what is perfect for me in my new vibration. Thank you so much for all your wisdom and love!”


Since I’ve worked with Leyolah my world has transformed, a change that is palpable and that my friends are amazed by. The practices she teaches are so potent, I have cleared grief, shame, pain, rejection consciousness – have connected deeply to a constant source of support and love in the Divine Mother, and feel in my daily life uplifted, blissful, sensual and deeply in my body. I have re-connected to my womb and my regular periods have returned. Words don’t do it justice – I truly feel Leyolah is on this Earth to bring women into their true power.”


I have to say that timing worked amazingly this was exactly what I needed this remembrance.. the feeling of coming Back home to my soul. I thank you for creating this precious sacred space. Every text, transmission, meditation was so wise loving and inspiring it opened and healed wounded and shot down places within me .. connected me again to my divine feminine goddess powers. I’m Thankful for receiving these enlightened ancient teachings from you in such direct clear clean beautiful real safe channel. Thrilled to continue this path with you”


I want you to know how grateful I am for you sharing this work with me. I am really responding and shifting and growing with this new guidance and awareness. I feel blessed to alive in my body and in my surroundings. my connections with my teenaged children are sweeter. I am hopeful for a deeper physical connection with my husband too… I feel a shift beginning there but am so into my own personal journey with this work at the moment I feel like we will blossom together after I deepen into my self. He is a loving and patient man. Thank you, thank you. Thank you.”


Leyolah has shown me the way to understand my own sexual power within as pure, magnetic and a creative life force that can purify and transcend what we carry as a collective consciousness of fear, shame, pain, suppression and wounding liberating into freedom. Her work is presented with deep and inner connection, the moment teachings and transmissions can be felt through time and space. My life has transformed in so many ways, more enriched and there is no doubt as go forth as an Authentic Leader as she is.”


Leyolah Antara

Leyolah Antara is a seasoned teacher of ecstatic healing arts, an author, and a visionary in the realm of embodied spirituality. With over 30 years of experience, Leyolah has dedicated herself to guiding others on transformative journeys of self-discovery and empowerment.

As the creator and founder of Kundalini Dance™, an ecstatic embodiment practice, Leyolah has touched the lives of countless individuals around the world. Her teachings have evolved into a profound mystery school, the Tantric Rose Mystery Schook, where she imparts the alchemical healing art of tantric alchemy, sacred union and embodiment of deep feminine archetypes.

Leyolah’s influence extends beyond her teachings. She is recognized as a pioneer and leader in the integration of ritual prayer performance within the electronic dance scene. Her pivotal role in seeding the Earthdance global peace movement and her association with the iconic nightclub Return to the Source in London further attest to her impact on the realms of spirituality and expression.

In addition to her teachings, Leyolah has produced two interactive Chakra Journey CDs, authored the book “Kundalini Dance, Sacred Alchemical Evolutionary Keys,” and created a wealth of guided meditations and videos as part of her comprehensive online teaching program.

Leyolah’s methods are at the forefront of the tantric alchemy movement. She skillfully transmits ecstatic keys that connect individuals to the divine, helping them shed past patterns that hinder the manifestation of their heart’s desires in both intimate relationships and life purpose. With over 33 years of holding space for profound transformation, Leyolah exudes compassion, care, and a depth of wisdom that resonates with seekers on their unique paths of growth and evolution.

Leyolah Antara

A Self-Led Journey of Love

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Refund Policy

By joining this course you are entering into a sacred contract for energetic support and empowerment. You will be held within it and guided through transformative work. Transformative work inherently brings up inner and outer barriers to be addressed.

We have the following refund policy:

☥ To support you in meeting these, and gaining the fruits of your original intention to join the journey, and to also honour the sacred energetic support you are receiving, please note that there are NO REFUNDS once registered.

☥ You are agreeing to pay in full, or to commit to complete all payments of the payment plan option, even if you decide to not take full advantage of the varied offerings.

Thank you for honouring yourself and the support and empowering forces being brought together for this alchemical journey.


© 2023 Leyolah Antara

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