Divine Feminine Devotional Embodiment

Guided by Leyolah Ma – Priestess of Isis

Oct 7th – 12:30pm AEDT

Oct 6th – 6:30pm PDT



Sacred S€xual Healing

Dance to €mbody Divine F€minine €rotic Archetypes

Restore your Tru€ Soulful, F€minine Creativ€ Pow€r

This online dance temple is dedicated to women who seek to explore the higher potential of their €rotic energy as a force for spiritual awakening and transformation.

Ceremonial Flow

When we meet each archetype in the spirit of devotion and surrender, we can receive their transmission, each archetype has specific gifts, qualities and can bring divine wisdom to our earthly lives. 

Archetype 1 

Dark Mother | Primordial Shakti | Void | Tend to your Roots | Activate Pelvic Bowl | Reset | Surrender | Vitality

Archetype 2 

The Lover | Aphrodite | Sweet Shakti | Sensuality | Pleasure | Eros | Love | Connection | Magnetic Attraction

Archetype 3

Wild Wise Warrior-ess | Sekhmet | Kali | Fire of Transformation | Authentic Power | Courage | Bold Authentic Expression | Truth and Freedom

Archetype 4

Priestess | Priest | Isis | Osiris | Inner Flames | Grace | Sacred Inner Union | Heart Flame Activation | Tantric Relating | Beloved Re Union

We will be streaming live, from Byron Bay, Australia to deliver you a Divine Feminine Devotional Embodiment Ceremony and you will be sent the replay of the live stream.

S€xual Self – Healing

Dance to €mbody Divine F€minine €rotic Archetypes

Restore your Tru€ Soulful, F€minine Creativ€ Pow€r

With Leyolah Antara

Your Guide

Leyolah Antara is a transformational guide, ecstatic dance facilitator, author and High Priestess of the Isis. She is the founder and creator of the Kundalini Dance Practice and the Tantric Rose Mystery School which teaches how to cultivate your sensual creative energy for personal awakening and connection to ones innate divinity.

Leyolah has a depth of wisdom that comes from over 30 years of practicing inner tantra and facilitating thousands of people through deep transformation and ecstatic spiritual awakening.

Leyolah’s methods are on the leading edge. She transmits the ecstatic keys of tantric alchemy that will connect you to the divine and transform past patterns that have been holding you back from manifesting your hearts desires in your intimate relationships and your life purpose. She is compassionate and caring and has a depth of wisdom from many decades of holding space for deep transformation.

OCTOBER 7th – 12:30pm AEDT  ///  OCTOBER 6th – 6:30pm PDT


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