SHAKTI POWER - Transmission Recording
SHAKTI POWER - Transmission Recording

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Shakti Pow€r


Shakti is the Sanskrit Indian word that essentially means DIVIN€ POW€R
She is your CREATIV€ LIF€ €N€RGY
Shakti is the genie of your genius, the fire of your passion that lead you to your purpose.
She is the full spectrum of the SACR€D F€MININ€.
Shakti is the sensual river of eros within you, she is the COURAGEOUS BOLD, tell it like it is truth.
She is the deeper current of deep F€MININ€ INT€LLIG€NC€
Shakti is the FIR€ OF TRANSFORMATION that leads to ecstatic spiritual awakening
She is the NE€TAR that will fuel your SOULS JOURN€Y HOM€

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SHAKTI POWER - Transmission Recording

I am inviting all women who feel called to dive deeper into the feminine mysteries and Embodying their Erotic Divinity, to please join me for this 6 week self led Online Immersion into SACR€D S€XUALIT¥ & TANTRA for Women.

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