Embodying erotic divinity

Clearing the Past

​As western​ women we can often have a history of many lovers. We fall in love easily and we love, love and so we tend to open ourselves up to many sexual experiences with men and or woman. In our so called “sexually liberal” western culture it is common for young woman to explore multiple sexual partners, especially in our teens, twenties and thirties, depending on our life situation. 

Some of those experiences feel loving and have left us opened and feeling more sexually mature and empowered. Especially where there is mutual consent, clear boundaries and open hearted communication. Some end up being deep loving long term relationship or friendships. 

Some however although leave us feeling emotionally and physically drained or even abused. Some of us have ended up in situations where we may have been treated with disrespect or even cruelty. Hooking in with sexual partners who have ended up being abusive or controlling or manipulative and or not present or emotionally absent.

Some scenarios may be more traumatic than others, but they still leave a mark of shame, and a heavy energetic residue in our sexual organs. Imprinting our sexual blueprint, with negative beliefs about sex and end up blocking our capacity to feel the full ecstatic expression of our sexual creative life force and experience sacred sexual relating. 

Any form of shame causes disconnection from our feminine bodies and our pelvic bowl and ultimately disconnects us from our sacred feminine essence. 

Often we will push uncomfortable memories, deep down into the dusty corners of our psyche and we tend to forget what we regret. This causes our sexual waters to become muddy, our consciousness to be hazy, and energetically I sense that pattern like a thick fog in the sacral area and unfortunately end up attracting more of the same scenarios into our lives as our energy system is a magnetic attractor field.

Whilst the imprints of these experiences remain in our sacral chakra, womb, vagina and sexual organs we tend to stay locked in similar cycles of behaviour as our energetics affect our behaviour and our consciousness. 

So in order to reclaim our sexual energy as our own,  we need to clear our sexual past, or at least the last seven years of our past.  Although I see and sense energetic disturbances from my clients from early life and past lives as well as multi dimensional beings who have chorded in and are disrupting a woman’s capacity to reclaim her sovereign sexual power. These all need to be addressed along the journey of becoming sexually sovereign.

If you would like to spend 6 weeks, dedicated to ecstatically activating your tantric energy pathways, clearing your sexual energy, and embodying the six main Divine Feminine Erotic Archetypes, this course is for you. 

Embodying Erotic Divinity - Self Lead Online Course