Embodying The Tantric Rose Priestess - Ebook

Embodying The
Tantric Rose Priestess

By Leyolah Antara

Embodying The Tantric Rose Priestess - Ebook

The Tantric Rose Priestess knows her body is a conduit for Divine energies to pour through.

Her heart has opened in devotion to the Divine Feminine and the Divine Masculine, God Goddess Source, she opens her body as a vessel for Divine Love to pour through.

She has stopped seeking for love outside herself and turns to Divine to fill her cup. When she makes love, her full body lights up in ecstasy and when she makes love she surrenders into union with the Divine. She has embodied her erotic divinity.

A Tantric Rose Priestess has been initiated through the lineage of the Rose. She is a keeper of the divine feminine wisdom teachings of sacred sexuality as a pathway to the evolution of the soul.

She is Sexually Sovereign

The Tantric Rose Priestess is sexually sovereign and has reclaimed her sexual energy from past partners, past pain, stories, guilt and shame and has a direct and intimate relationship with Divinity through her sensually alive body.

She has claimed her sexual energy as her own. She knows her body, what gives her pleasure and yet her pleasure is only a portion of what drives her desire. Her sexual desire is connected to her quest for the spiritual awakening of her consciousness and the flowering of her creativity.

The Tantric Rose Priestess is a keeper of the Divine Feminine sexual mysteries, which are alive in her cells and in her womb. She is unlocking the codes of secrecy and has remembered her birthright and reclaimed her sexual energy as an evolutionary current of life. She knows it is is possible to self – generate sexual energies and ecstasies with or without a partner and has balanced the solar and lunar, masculine and feminine energies within her.

A Tantric Rose Priestess embodies her sexual life force has an ecstatic luminous current. She embodies the alchemical inner union of God and Goddess within her as an ecstatic river that runs through her body and illuminates all of her chakras.

She is a Transformational Alchemist

The Tantric Rose Priestess is a Transformational Alchemist. She loves herself as she is. She knows how to transform the pain, the shame, the shadows at the depth of her psyche into light.

The Tantric Rose Priestess has been through the initiation of heart break and has felt the depth of her loneliness, she has betrayed and been betrayed and has felt powerful and powerless, she has known shame and shamelessness. She has felt the pain of her abandonment, and has come to acknowledge where she has emotionally abandoned herself. She is learning to hold her self through her vulnerability, her tears and her rage. She has learnt how to embrace all of it in love.

In the depth of her heart break and her heart ache, in the darkest place of aloneness, she has reached and found the light of God Goddess and as her adoration, devotion and surrender to Shakti and Shiva grew she has learned the alchemical keys to transmute all emotional density into the golden light of love.

She has faced her shadow and her light. She has faced all of her self and she knows at the core of it all, she is a magnificent soul, so full of love.

Divine Romance
The Priestess as Lover and Beloved

In her aloneness, she has found her longing for beloved and through the cry of her longing heart she has found her re – connection to God Goddess, Divine. To the Tantric Rose Priestess this is a divine romance, she has come to know what it is to embody their ecstatic union in her body.

She gives her body over in sweet surrender to their divine romance of Shiva and Shakti merging together in her heart. Shiva, is the hindu word for Divine Masculine, Creator God Source. Shakti meaning Divine Feminine, Creatress of all life. Their union creates an ecstatic star burst in every cell and she knows what it is to embody divine union.

The priestess knows that her urge to make love with her beloved and her longing to unite with god are the same and both relationships create a sacred alchemical crucible for the metamorphis of her soul.

Her longing is a sacred cry, that cracks her heart open, and shatters her illusion of separation. Her longing is her gateway to union and the awakening of her deeper heart.

She is a devotional Priestess
Her path is The Way of LOVE

A Tantric Rose Priestess lives and teaches The Way of Love, she is in communion with the rose of her heart and is choosing love over fear. She deeply embraces her humanity, and when she is caught in the loops of fear, denial, or negaitivty to remembers to love herself, even when she falls. She is ok with her sadness, her pain and can sit with her self and others through the darker parts of their humanity.

The path of the Priestess , is a path of devotion to the Mother in all her forms, she has always served the Goddess and knows that her body is sacred, her body is her temple for the Divine, her sexuality and her yoni and her womb are a gateway to embodying the Shakti power of the Divine Mother Goddess within her.

The devotional path of the Priestess is a way of love that burns away all dogma, all hierarchies, all castes all creeds. She has learnt how to sit in the pure holy fire of love, as that is the flame that purifies and transforms everything through all arenas to save this planet and humanity and transform us into a mirror of the Divine Mothers LOVE.

She is Humble in her Greatness

The Priestess remembers he greatness and in the same breath she is truly humble, she has died to all the illusions of self importence, the need to be seen, to achieve to get fame or recogntion is not what moves her. Her desire to serve love and inspire others to awaken and connect to Divine Mother is what fuels her passion as she knows in the deepest part of herself that is the only thing that will save humanity and this earth at this time.

Embodying The Tantric Rose Priestess - Ebook

She is aligned to Fierce Feminine Power

The Tantric Rose Priestess has been on a journey of purification. She has surrendered open to the kundalini currents of the Divine Dark Goddess and has learned how to ride the subtle energy currents of her transformational fire to burn through all that is no longer serving her soul.

Anchored in this fierce, bold and courageous heart of love, she has seen the truth and it has broken apart, all the old paradigms, the old paradigm of viewing her relationships, all the old ways she had placed her own value in who she was with, whether she was married or unamarried or how much money she had, all the old ways she found her identity in people, places and things fall away and now all she feels is the burning fire in her soul and her passion to serve love and serve others to feel that love and remember the truth of who they are.

She has seen through all the old paradigm of power, and the way it keeps people trapped working to maintain the hierarchical power systems, she can no longer participate or work to serve the fear based systems that are designed to serve to maintain power and control. She can serve love and only love.She no longer serves the toxic patriarchy she has found new skills where she can spend her days in service to the new paradigm of love on earth.

She is a Divine Creatrix

The Tantric Rose Priestess has surrendered her life in service to the Divine. She offers her body as a vessel and an instrument for the Divine flows of creation to pour through. She realises that her purest creativity comes not through her personality, but through her soul. She is learning how to get out of the way so that the Divine flows of creation can have their way with her and find their way to humanity through her.

She is the channel, the medium, the oracle, she is the artist who has lost herself in her art, she is the writer who has let go and is just letting words flow through her like they are coming from somewhere else, she is the mindless dancer, and she is a leader a voice for change. She is the voice of Shakti, She is the voice for the sacred feminine, the voice for Shakti who has no voice. So she offers her voice, her skills, her body to her. She is a servant a vessel for The Mother.

She is a Prosperous Priestess

The Tantric Rose Priestess is a prosperous priestess. She has released her vows of poverty and cracked the code of sacred wealth and abundance. She is is a divine creatrix, a sacred entrepeneaur and values her worth and has released all shame for asking for money for her sacred work.

She remembers that all is she wants and needs is provided, so that she may fulfil your sacred destiny.

With abundance and generosity, She remembers she is supported.

She has relaxed and knows that she deserves to live in the vibration of divine sacred wealth.

She has unplugged from serving the toxic patriarchal structures that are deserating our planet and she is open and is receiving financial abundance for her sacred work.

She has moved beyond surviving


She lives in a state of divine grace

And she knows and TRUSTS she is SUPPORTED

The Priestess as Queen

The Tantric Rose Priestess has become the Queen of her own queendom.

She has taken off her cloak of invisibility and allows her mystical self to be seen in her community embodying her full radiant, Sacred Shakti presence.

She has come into her own inner authority, she knows because she knows and is a womb centred woman, guided by her instinctual, primal feminine knowing.

The Priestess Queen has been initiated by the Goddess and embodies all the Divine Feminine Archetypes, The Creatrix, The Lover, The Wild Women, The Tantrica, The Teacher and the Wise Women. She does not lead from a need to be revered, or looked up to, to leads to empower others not take power.

The Queen is about embodying SOFT POWER. She has integrated her inner masculine but leads from her deep feminine.

She has been through the initiation of the Great Softening, and embodies her soft power. She has intergated her inner masculine but leads from her deep feminine to bring grace and joy into her relationships, families and her career. 

A Tantric Rose Priestess has been initiated through the Lineage of Isis and Magdalene, an ancient Divine Feminine spirtual lineage that finds its roots through Ancient Egypt and the Stars, teachings committed to birthing the new divine human.

Teachings of the Rose lineage, bring the initiate into deeper connection with their sexuality as an evolutionary current, a river of love that flows upwards, igniting the chakras, cleanses the old karma and allows the initiate to rebirth into their divine human self.

The Next Priestess Training

Are you ready for your initiation to embody the potent evolutionary path of the Tantric Rose Priestess.

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Embodying The Tantric Rose Priestess - Ebook

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