Healing The Priestess Wound - Free Kundalini Dance Ceremony

Healing The Priestess Wound

Rising Into Your Sacred Feminine Leadership

FREE Online Kundalini Dance Ceremony

Heal The Priestess Wound Together

Full Moon Ceremony

March 8 ~ 8am aedt

Let us harness the power of this upcoming full moon in Virgo to gather as a collective of sisters to heal the wound that hold us back from coming into full visibility as a sacred woman of power.


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For too long women have been devaluing their creative contribution and without the contribution of the feminine, our society and planet is falling apart at the seams.

Why do so many wise western women hold back their voices and live their life only gleening a small part of their potential.

This can be because we still carry the Priestess Wound.

The Priestess Wound…

Has held back the authentic voices, creative genius and soul work of countless women for lifetimes!

It is like a veil of invisibility that used to keep us safe at a time when the priestess’s of the goddess, witches and healers were being burned for living their sacred ways.

And yet now, it holds us back from offering our gifts and co creating positive change.

Are You Ready to Reclaim Your Sacred Feminine Power?

Healing The Priestess Wound - Free Kundalini Dance Ceremony

You will know you carry the Priestess Wound if You…


Have a fear of expressing your spiritual side to others who are not so spiritual?

Are terrified when discussing, debating or sharing a different point of view with another?

Have a debilitating fear of judgment and rejection when expressing your authentic essence?

Have disconnected your sensuality** and your spirituality?

Have difficulty trusting women?

Have trouble trusting men?

Know you have a lot of deep wisdom within you, but hold back from sharing your ideas & your voice, and have issues bringing forth your sacred work?

Under value your worth and feel guilty asking for money for sacred work?

Don’t believe you can have it all – sacred career, sacred relationship, sacred wealth, beautiful home?

 Unleash your Feminine Power

If you relate to these wounds, join us for this Kundalini Dance ceremony.

You will discover the ancient origins of the priestess wounds, how they are sabotaging your life now.

You will also learn three secret healing keys that will support you to begin to shift and heal the wounds, reclaim your voice, share your heart and live in the world as a creatively expressed, loving empowered women!

Key #1


Discover what happened in the ancient world that disconnected women from the Divine Feminine. Learn how to unlock your womb power,  heal the WOUND OF SHAME and reclaim your sacred femme power back as a sovereign divine creatrix.

Key #2


I will share her – story about the priestess of ancient Avalon, and the origins of the WOUND OF BETRAYAL. Learn how to unlock your heart to integrate the DIVINE MASCULINE and allow in the LOVE of BELOVED soul mate.

Key #3


Discover the origins of the WOUND OF PERSECUTION and how it holds you back from being seen as a sacred women. Learn how to unlock your throat chakra to regain the power of your VOICE as a sacred women on purpose.

Two Gifts You Will Receive

Healing The Priestess Wound ~ Kundalini Dance Ceremony

Discover how to heal three core wounds that are locking your Sacred Feminine Power.

Receive three healing keys to free your energy for more creativity ~ confidence ~ reclaim your voice ~ trust in life.


Daily Chakra Breathing Practice ~ Video

To anchor the Priestess Codes into your body and energy system.

Healing The Priestess Wound - Free Kundalini Dance Ceremony
Healing The Priestess Wound - Free Kundalini Dance Ceremony

About Leyolah Antara

Leyolah Antara is a Priestess of Isis Magdalene through the Rose Line of Goddess Sophia. She is a master ecstatic alchemist and transformational guide. She has created Kundalini Dance Alchemical Healing Practice over the past 30 years. Leyolah offers Priestess Initiation Training retreats and online programmes in Ecstatic Kundalini Dance, Sacred Sexuality, Sacred Union, Egyptian High Tantric Alchemy and Shamanic Healing Arts.

The Priestess Initiation Programmes are curriculums designed to initiate women and men who are feeling the call to support the rise of feminine consciousness in union with the divine masculine and express their gifts, as teachers, healers, sacred leaders and creatives in service to the awakening of humanity.

Leyolah’s methods are on the leading edge. She transmits ecstatic keys connect you to the divine and transform past patterns that have been holding you back from manifesting your hearts desires in your intimate relationships & your life purpose. She is compassionate, caring & has a depth of wisdom that comes from over 30 years of holding space for deep transformation.

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Sydney – Wednesday, March 8 at 8:00 am AEDT
London – Tuesday, March 7 at 9:00 pm GMT
Toronto/NewYork – Tuesday, March 7 at 4:00 pm EST
Vancouver/LosAngeles – Tuesday, March 7 at 1:00 pm PST

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Healing the Priestess Wound - Kundalini Dance March 2023

Healing The Priestess Wound - Free Kundalini Dance Ceremony

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