Kundalini Dance

In Person Priestess Training Retreat

KDF Training Retreat Australia


Burringbar NSW

August 25th – September 3rd

Leyolah Antara & Patricia Silverwolf

Let’s gather sisters to journey deeper to receive sacred priestess codes for your empowerment as a Kundalini Dance Priestess.

Join us in the lush subtropical rainforest in the hills of Burringbar, in Northern NSW, Australia to deepen your initiation and embodiment.

For 10 days and 9 nights we will open temple space to deepen your embodiment of the Kundalini Dance alchemical keys and principles.

 For your sacred feminine leadership

You will be lovingly held in grace by this sacred land that is so conducive to diving into deep trance – formational states. The indigenous people of this land, the Bundjalung Nation, Minjungbal tribe, have said that this region is best suited for healing and transformation rather than to settle into for long term living as the black obsidian layers in the earth, support deep transformation. It is also a place that initiates healers and so it is very well suited location for you to come to further master the keys for personal transformation and to assist the transformation and spiritual awakening of others.

KDF Training Retreat Australia
KDF Training Retreat Australia
KDF Training Retreat Australia
KDF Training Retreat Australia

What’s Is Included:

Your training tuition, + 10 days/9 nights accommodations, three meals a day; pick up to be advised in Burringbar for those taking the airport shuttle and adventures to sacred sites weather permitting.

What it doesn’t include:

Flights, transfers, taxi’s or shuttle bus, or travel insurance.

KDF Training Retreat Australia
KDF Training Retreat Australia
KDF Training Retreat Australia
KDF Training Retreat Australia

Ecstatic DJ

for Empowered Facilitators

Ria Christina will be offering a special “Ecstatic DJ”module for participants to build confidence and create more lasting impact with music. Drawing from her 20+ year career as a DJ, as well as many years behind the scenes in the music industry, she will be supporting you in the technical and emotive mastery of music.


Subject covered will be:

Playlisting 101

Discovering, storing, and managing your Music

Introduction to selecting and weaving your sets with more divine power and flow

Sound systems, EQ-ing your room, microphone manner, and equipment needed for kick ass events


You will need a laptop computer and data storage to participate in this module.


More About Rire Christina

Ria is a kiwi-born, Byron Bay-based DJ and mamma. She’s an embodiment devotee, and a woman on a mission to bring more awareness to the shifting sands of this world and how to meet it through her DJ sets, and events. She’s committed to creating experiences and transmissions that invite people to meet their most authentic expression through the vehicles of music, embodiment & dance.

As an advocate of Elemental Awakening and a teacher of the #5elementsdance Activation, yoga, and somatic movement the elementals are her allies, offering powerful guidance and healing to her inner and outer worlds. Through embodying this work, she’s journeyed deep into the ancient arts, shamanism, tantra, and yogic pathways to cultivate a sacred remembrance of our past to bring forth the truths of the future.

Musically, a mystro and a woman who’s been on an extraordinary musical journey in her 20+year DJ career across the planet. She brings forth the length and breadth of this experience to fuel her ecstatic dance journeys with an alchemical nature.

Ria is a Yoga Alliance qualified Yoga Teacher with Power Living Australia & Shiva Rea Chakra Prana Vinyasa and a 5Elements Dance Activation Facilitator


WEB: www.Rhythmsinaction.com

INSTAGRAM: @rhythmsinaction

KDF Training Retreat Australia
KDF Training Retreat Australia
KDF Training Retreat Australia
KDF Training Retreat Australia
KDF Training Retreat Australia
KDF Training Retreat Australia

Accomodation & Nourishing Meals: 

Sattva Sanctuary 72 Howards Road, Burringbar NSW, Australia


A private retreat sanctuary, situated on 10 acres of lush subtropical rainforest.


Arrival on Friday August 25 between 3 – 5:30pm (arrival meal 6pm)

Depature on Sunday September 3 at 11 am

Nourishing Food:
Our cook serves delicious vegetarian / vegan Ayurvedic food and served with that most important ingredient, love. Wherever possible we use the organic vegetables from our own garden. Please let us know if you have dietary requirements (gluten and/or sugar-free)
Meals included:

Breakfast 8:30am – 9:30am
Lunch 1pm – 3pm
Dinner 6:30pm

KDF Training Retreat Australia
KDF Training Retreat Australia
KDF Training Retreat Australia

Your Facilitators

KDF Training Retreat Australia
KDF Training Retreat Australia

Leyolah Antara

New South Wales, Australia

Just over 33 years ago, I fell in love with my first soul mate, the first time we made love I had a Kundalini activation that changed the course of my life forever.  I was in art school at the time and had been pursuing a career in ceramics, I had just came out of a two year apprenticeship in Japan with Takuo Bizen a ceramisist who came from a famous family lineage of traditional ceramisists, the Bizen Family.  


After my Kundalini awakening, I became obsessed with wanting to serve others in their awakening and began to pray consistantly asking, what is my purpose. One day, my then husband and I sat in ceremony together in the Australian Desert at a very sacred site, called Palm Valley, a place where the aboriginal shamans would go to receive their guiding vision. 

When I asked what my work was, I was specifically guided that I was to educate people how to work with “her” (Kundalini Shakti) to clear their chakras, through dance–movement, breath, energy work and sacred sexuality to prepare their bodies for a vibrational shift that was beginning and would accelerate to a point of intensity in the near future. Humanity and all life would be involved in that rebirth and if we chose to open our body/mind/spirits to “her” love, she would prepare us to deal with the earth shifts and harmoniously rebirth ourselves as the new enlightened humanity. 

So that is how my journey began and my embodiment and devotion for the Divine Feminine, Shakti began to grow. I had no idea I was embarking on a journey in the exploration of transformational alchemy. The science of awakening consciousness, I was to become a techni- cian of ecstasy, a mapmaker and guide to the realms of the soul. I was to be my first experiment. The road to the top of the moun- tain was long, and I had already been on it for lifetimes. 

My devotion to the Divine Feminine deepened. I surrendered to her to show me the way, and the more I surrendered the more she showed me. 

My quest for soul-level liberation continued and I began to deepen my exploration of the chakras, both as energy centers that carry emotional energy and also as holographic memory banks that retained blueprints of the soul’s journey. 

I came to see working with the chakras as integral to supporting the journey of awakening.  I have found that working with the chakras provides an integral journey map, that gives the “ initiate “ an  opportunity to truly embody the transformational process. 

I have spent the last 33 years teaching and developing this tantric shamanic dance practice that we have come to call Kundalini Dance. 

I am in awe of the power and depth of this work. It touches my heart so deeply to witness the authentic, raw human expression of pure emotion that brings so much vitality and power back into the body and soul. 

I am on a mission to inspire women to be fearless creators of their sacred work. I have found that the best way to re connect a woman back to her power and her passion is to resurrect the power of Shakti within her womb, to teach her how to turn on her inner light and in that spark the her inner genius. 

For over 15 years I have been training facilitators and initiating priestesses and it is my greatest joy to support a women to shine brighter to unleash her from whatever is dimming down her light, keep her small, shut down and lead her to her source of power, where she can connect to her authentic voice, her deeper desires and create a life that she was born to live.

I am constantly humbled to receive the count- less testaments to how the Kundalini Dance work has changed lives. This work is dance — and it is so much more than dance. It is from my deepest heart and soul that I unconditionally offer this gift to you. May you help awaken many souls through this process. 

Connect with her on IG @leyolah_antara

KDF Training Retreat Australia
KDF Training Retreat Australia

Patricia Silverwolf

Queensland, Australia 

In 2013 I was initiated into Kundalini Dance under the tuition of Leyolah Antara. At the time of my immersion into this powerful tantric shamanic practice, I had a kundalini awakening, which led me to dedicate fully to this work. After a couple of months deepening into the teachings, I spent one month training to become a priestess in Bali. Life has never been the same again – dormant codes in my DNA were switched on, and I was propelled towards my purpose.


For the last 7 years, I have been holding transformational dance journeys bringing a fresh edge to ecstatic awakening, guiding those who come to the temple with my experiential gifts. As a Ceremonialist, Kundalini dance priestess, Munay-ki teacher, Shamanic Breathwork Facilitator, Womb Awakener, and a former Mental Health Nurse, I have been sharing the magic of bridging heaven and earth, encouraging people to channel their soul’s truth, as they awaken their inner healer, reclaim their sovereignty and open up to the limitless potential within their lives. I love to create a safe sacred container that allows my tribe to awaken parts of self that they never knew existed through breathwork, dance, sound, and complete authentic expression of all that has been suppressed whilst journeying alongside them. I am passionate about sharing medicinal ceremony that supports people in deepening connections to Mother Earth, Father Sky, power animals, and spirit carers, therefore, empowering the journey further. All ceremonies I hold are a celebratory experience to realign your life and your sacred purpose. Designed to assist you in raising your Kundalini; the serpent energy that lays dormant, once arisen, will burst through your paradigm, and a new world will flow.

Connect with her on IG @patricia_silverwolf

Join us for a Sacred Journey: 


Please choose your Accomodation Choice:

Shared Room
Early Bird $5869
Regular $6319



Choose to PAY IN FULL via bank payment, or make a PAYMENT PLAN

Space is limited.

You must pre-register by connecting with Martine first before making a payment. Email info@kundalinidance.com

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