Alchemical Dance Priestess Facilitator Training

Do you feel called to serve the awakening of others in a meaningful and authentic way?
Do you feel passionate about dance, music and inner transformation?
Are you longing for a fun, juicy, ecstatic practice that is going to accelerate your evolutionary process and allow your soul’s unique gifts to come alive!
Do you desire to learn the art of mapping transformational dance journeys and ceremonies for your community?

If your answer is Yes than the Kundalini Dance Facilitator Training may be for you!

The Kundalini Dance Training has two different training pathways for you to choose from.

The 11 day Ecstatic Alchemical Dance Facilitator Training

The 13 month Kundalini Dance Facilitator Training.

Both pathways start with the initial 11 day training in Beautiful Bali this December 2017 where you will deepen into your embodiment of Kundalini Shakti and learn how to hold space for deep transformational journeys. Learning the basics of the DJ’ing for the ecstatic dance floor and how to weave music to create deep dance journeys to inspire, connect and activate others.

For those choosing to continue on and complete the 13 Moon Journey towards becoming a certified Kundalini Dance Facilitator, this will be an initiation into the tantric temple arts.

In this training we will go deep into embodied exploration of:
~ Ecstatic Breath work and Emotional Alchemy
~ Chakra Dance Journey Mapping and Facilitation,
~ Sacred Archetypal Embodiment
~ Tantric Intimacy Practices for Group Connection
~ Group Leadership Skills and Dynamics
~ Body Mind Integration Techniques,
~ Tantric Shamanic Healing practices and dance jouneying
~ Self Inquiry and Awareness of core patterns and energetics
And so much more!

After completing the first 11 day training you will be required to complete 3 practicums sharing Kundalini Dance Chakra Journeys. You will be supported along the way by the Kundalini Dance Facilitator team with our online Facebook group and monthly calls.
We will complete our journey with another live 7 day retreat in January 2018 to go deeper into Sacred Sexuality and Divine Inner Union and for this next initiation on the path of becoming a Kundalini Dance Facilitator.

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