Kundalini Dance

In Person Priestess Training Retreat

KDF Training Retreat Ibiza Spain


June 26 – July 5


with Leyolah Antara & Deva Wild

We lovingly invite you onto these magical shores of Ibiza for a life transforming week of Kundalini Dance.

For 10 days and 9 nights we will open temple space to deepen into the Kundalini Dance principles, alchemical keys and teaching guidance, support and experience.
As we softly and slowly begin to open your body and chambers of your heart to the beautiful frequencies of this magical island and deepen in the codes of your teaching.
Dancing our prayers at sunrise, 
Laying flowers and blessings and sunset,
Awakening your kundalini shakti energy for deep transformation. 
It will be a beautiful blend of practices and embodiment with group sacred journeys and deeply enjoying and discovering the Island. 

Welcome to Ibiza, the mystic island of the goddess Tanit and many great Gods

The most famous and mystical point on the beautiful island is Es Vedra which of course we will visit.  It has a quiet, majestic aura all around it. According to ancient legend, it was the holy island of Tanit, who came to Ibiza as Phoenician goddess of fertility and heavenly mother and became Ibiza’s most revered goddess. Situated on the island is a grand sight imposing rock towering 400m above the sea which will stay in your heart forever. 
Tanit – A warrior goddess of dance, fertility, creation and destruction. Offers us potent medicine for our initiation. 
The mystic island is cited as the third most magnetic place in the world after the North Pole and Bermuda Triangle.
This is literally where the magic happens.
KDF Training Retreat Ibiza Spain
KDF Training Retreat Ibiza Spain
KDF Training Retreat Ibiza Spain

What it includes:

Your beautiful retreat includes all the teaching practices and ceremonies, 2 vegetarian/vegan meals a day and accommodation.
Between teaching the kundalini dance curriculum, purification and sharing we will have some time to explore the island, beaches and sites. There will also be special ceremonies on some of the evenings to support your deeper integration and upgrade.
KDF Training Retreat Ibiza Spain

What it doesn’t include: 

Flights and Transfers 
Taxi’s on day trips and excursions (around €10 per person each way) Can be arranged at the retreat as well as transfers. Please ask. 
Additional meals out or snacks. 
Holiday insurance
Massages can also be booked at the retreat centre
KDF Training Retreat Ibiza Spain
KDF Training Retreat Ibiza Spain
KDF Training Retreat Ibiza Spain

Accomodation & Nourishing Meals: 

A spiritual centre in the peaceful north of Ibiza, surrounded by rolling hills and farmlands
Nourishing Food: 
Our cook serves delicious vegetarian or vegan food, made and served with that most important ingredient, love. Wherever possible we use the organic vegetables from our own garden. Gluten and/or sugar-free no problem. Please let us know if you have dietary requirements. 
Breakfast 10:30am 
Dinner 6:30pm 
Includes: Dinner on arrival day and breakfast on departure day.
KDF Training Retreat Ibiza Spain
KDF Training Retreat Ibiza Spain
KDF Training Retreat Ibiza Spain
KDF Training Retreat Ibiza Spain
KDF Training Retreat Ibiza Spain
KDF Training Retreat Ibiza Spain
KDF Training Retreat Ibiza Spain

 Leyolah Antara

Just over 33 years ago, I fell in love with my first soul mate, the first time we made love I had a Kundalini activation that changed the course of my life forever.  I was in art school at the time and had been pursuing a career in ceramics, I had just came out of a two year apprenticeship in Japan with Takuo Bizen a ceramisist who came from a famous family lineage of traditional ceramisists, the Bizen Family. 

After my Kundalini awakening, I became obsessed with wanting to serve others in their awakening and began to pray consistantly asking, what is my purpose. One day, my then husband and I sat in ceremony together in the Australian Desert at a very sacred site, called Palm Valley, a place where the aboriginal shamans would go to receive their guiding vision. 

When I asked what my work was, I was specifically guided that I was to educate people how to work with “her” (Kundalini Shakti) to clear their chakras, through dance–movement, breath, energy work and sacred sexuality to prepare their bodies for a vibrational shift that was beginning and would accelerate to a point of intensity in the near future. Humanity and all life would be involved in that rebirth and if we chose to open our body/mind/spirits to “her” love, she would prepare us to deal with the earth shifts and harmoniously rebirth ourselves as the new enlightened humanity. 

So that is how my journey began and my embodiment and devotion for the Divine Feminine, Shakti began to grow. I had no idea I was embarking on a journey in the exploration of transformational alchemy. The science of awakening consciousness, I was to become a techni- cian of ecstasy, a mapmaker and guide to the realms of the soul. I was to be my first experiment. The road to the top of the moun- tain was long, and I had already been on it for lifetimes. 

My devotion to the Divine Feminine deepened. I surrendered to her to show me the way, and the more I surrendered the more she showed me. 

My quest for soul-level liberation continued and I began to deepen my exploration of the chakras, both as energy centers that carry emotional energy and also as holographic memory banks that retained blueprints of the soul’s journey. 

I came to see working with the chakras as integral to supporting the journey of awakening.  I have found that working with the chakras provides an integral journey map, that gives the “ initiate “ an  opportunity to truly embody the transformational process. 

I have spent the last 33 years teaching and developing this tantric shamanic dance practice that we have come to call Kundalini Dance. 

I am in awe of the power and depth of this work. It touches my heart so deeply to witness the authentic, raw human expression of pure emotion that brings so much vitality and power back into the body and soul. 

I am on a mission to inspire women to be fearless creators of their sacred work. I have found that the best way to re connect a woman back to her power and her passion is to resurrect the power of Shakti within her womb, to teach her how to turn on her inner light and in that spark the her inner genius. 

For over 15 years I have been training facilitators and initiating priestesses and it is my greatest joy to support a women to shine brighter to unleash her from whatever is dimming down her light, keep her small, shut down and lead her to her source of power, where she can connect to her authentic voice, her deeper desires and create a life that she was born to live.

I am constantly humbled to receive the count- less testaments to how the Kundalini Dance work has changed lives. This work is dance — and it is so much more than dance. It is from my deepest heart and soul that I unconditionally offer this gift to you. May you help awaken many souls through this process. 

Connect with me on IG @leyolah_antara

KDF Training Retreat Ibiza Spain
KDF Training Retreat Ibiza Spain

Deva Wild

I began my journey with Kundalini Dance Priestess training, at a time that I was longing to be integrated into both light and dark energetics. Seeking a group of devotional magical women who I could deepen into the mysteries with and find my way home into deeper service and temple initiations. I am one of the newest priestess to be invited into Teacher Training, my wild heart and sensual essence woven with my deep knowledge of Kundalini Yoga supports the potency of this work.

I am a Priestess of alchemy, warrioress, teacher, guide and mentor who supports and assists you in Illuminating the path of your soul. I will lovingly guide you into your heart consciousness and inner shakti fire through embodiment and somatic practices. I inspire and  initiate transformation that opens, expands and radiates through your energy field. Though walking with you through the flames of purification supporting you in deep somatic healing and regulation through multiple ancient and modern processes that support your soul evolution and human maturation.

Connect with me on IG @deva.wild


Arrival on June 26 at 3pm
Departure on July 6 at 11am

Casa Solara, Ibiza
Shared Accommodation – select your room choice with Deva

In EURO Currency

€ 3548 Early Bird on now until April 31
€ 3823 Regular

Choose to PAY IN FULL via bank payment or credit card, or start a PAYMENT PLAN.
Space is limited.
You must pre-register by connecting with Deva before making a payment. Please connect with her on Messenger or email her at deva.bookings@gmail.com

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