Kundalini Dance Priestess Training Retreats

Alchemical Dance Priestess Training Retreats


Kundalini Dance Priestess Training Retreats

A 10 DAY


to empower your embodied 

Sacred Feminine Leadership

Kundalini Alchemical Dance is an evergrowing GLOBAL MOVEMENT.

In Person Retreats are offered in different countries by experienced, long term Kundalini Alchemical Dance Facilitators.

2023 Location:


2024 Locations include:


Let’s gather sisters to journey deeper to receive sacred priest – priestess codes for your empowerment as an embodied sacred leader. When we enter the immersive field of a retreat, participants receive priest- ess codes that can only be transmitted skin to skin, activating deeper remembrance of the soul codes that lay within.

This will be a deep cellular upgrade as we gather in person to receive the full transmission of this sacred work for you to embody the more subtle teaching elements and gain direct experience of guiding your own transformational Kundalini Dance temples and events.

Kundalini Dance Priestess Training Retreats
Kundalini Dance Priestess Training Retreats
Kundalini Dance Priestess Training Retreats
Kundalini Dance Priestess Training Retreats

This In Person Retreat

Will Greatly Enhance Your Online Training

Although we experience a deep transformation and sacred feminine embodiment in our year long Alchemical Priestess Training Online, I feel it is really important that anyone who is going to transmit this work to others attends a live In Person Retreat.

The Kundalini Alchemical Dance practice is a profound practice and can take people into some really deep transpersonal and multidimensional spaces, it is so important that those of you who are facilitating this work, which is in essence sacred inner union in each chakra, has a depth of experience of the art of transformation, and is well versed in the terrain of the inner realms as well as is able to hold space for the depth of emotional clearing that can come up in a live in person setting.

We come together to refine your mastery of the Alchemical Dance keys for you to facilitate alchemical transformational containers for others.

We will guide you through the Kundalini Dance alchemy practices to transform any ancestoral or karmic beliefs that hold you back from shining as an embodied feminine leader. We will hold you in loving presence to support the embodiment of your deep feminine power.

Our Daily Flow

Each day is dedicated to a full circle chakra journey. Arise each morning to come together in sacred practice to honor ourselves with the rising sun.
Morning sessions are a three hour Kundalini Dance chakra journey.
We have a long lunch break to give you an opportunity to eat, integrate and rest.
Afternoons sessions refine the teaching principles and alchemical map.
Evening sessions will blend additional sacred ceremonies to deepen your initiation and embodiment, or be a spacious night off.
Extra ceremonies may include:
Shamanic Drum Journeys
Cacao Ceremony
Sacred Body Work
Presencing Practices
Sisterhood Deepening
Womb Rites
Kundalini Dance Priestess Training Retreats

Alchemical Dance

In Person Priestess Training

Retreat Location Options

Kundalini Dance Priestess Training Retreats


Azores, Portugal

With Leyolah Antara
& Deva Wild

JUNE 11 – 21, 2024

Kundalini Dance Priestess Training Retreats


Salt Spring Island, BC

With Lila Sofiyah
& Martine Kleissen

JUNE 21 – 30, 2024

Kundalini Dance Priestess Training Retreats


Byron Hinterland, NSW

With Leyolah Antara
& Guests

NOV 22 – DEC 1, 2023


Tuition for Retreats consists of two parts:

#1 is for Retreat Tuition only and is listed in USD so it’s the same for all countries

#2 is for Retreat Costs, Accomodation & Food and is in local country currency.

Please see each Retreat for specific details of total cost. Registration details will be posted in Dec 2023

We reserve the right to amend or change the retreat rates as the currency conversion adjusts.

Kundalini Dance Priestess Training Retreats
Kundalini Dance Priestess Training Retreats
Kundalini Dance Priestess Training Retreats
Kundalini Dance Priestess Training Retreats

The Retreat process consists of:

✓ Qualification for Ordination as an Alchemical Dance Priestess once full certifcation is complete

✓ A 10 Day sacred container to support your empowerment

✓ Archetypal Embodiment for your initiation

✓ In Depth training through Alchemical Maps and Templates for your classes

✓ Learning to Facilitate one 8-week Practicum

✓ Sisterhood healing, support and initiation

✓ Bonus evening sessions to support your journey of sacred feminine leadership

✓ Daily healing support

✓ Chakra Playlists

Immerse yourself in the ancient future sacred temple arts of :

Kundalini Dance

Ecstatic Embodiment 

Shakti Activation

Womb Awakening

Emotional Alchemy

Sacred Feminine Embodiment

Sacred Inner Union

Alchemical Healing

Chakra Dance Journey Mapping and Facilitation

Shamanic Dance Journeys

Sacred Feminine Leadership

Goddess and Deity Practice

Tantric Energy Work

Tantric Intimacy Practices for Group Connection 

Ecstatic Breathwork 

Creating Sacred Space

Art of Ceremony

Group Leadership Skills 

Body Mind Integration Techniques

Holding Space

Tantric Shamanic Healing Practices

Rose Mysteries

Energetic Transformational Healing

Self Inquiry and Awareness of Core Patterns and Energetics

Guided Visualisation

Leading Shakti Meditation

Weaving Music for the Ecstatic Dance Floor

Gratitude From Women

“The Kundalini Dance Facilitator Training has transformed me in many ways on all levels of my Being. I have come into my Divine feminine essence which continues to evolve and grow in the practice and in my life. I now have the confidence with my vulnerabilities to hold space for others to unfold and flower with radiant love. I feel I am softer as a woman, more authentic, honest and open-hearted with myself and others. My gifts continue to reveal themselves in the practice. To share these alchemical keys is truly an honour and a blessing as I witness others transform. It has been the most powerful transformational pathway for me physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. Blessings Leyolah you are the true embodiment of Shakti. I am eternally grateful for the gifts you so open-heartedly share with the world.”

– Tara Fischer, Sydney

‘Diving into the Kundalini Dance training was next level, i was completely open to the infinite so i could truly let go and surrender to all within myself. Guided through sacred prayer, intention, dance, breath, movement practices are like portals to go within and beyond your physical being. The guidance of this sacred practice is intense self healing and full power, it activated me on a cellular level. I have opened and deepened to what i am calling my activation of my super human powers. I was re-birthed by fire, kundalini serpent fire. Thank you Leyolah for being a divine channel, teacher and guide. I am eternally grateful.’

– Noeleen Melissa Joyce, Sydney Australia

‘When you train to become a facilitator of Kundalini Dance you are not only learning tools that will help you to guide others and inspire their transformation and evolution. You will also develop inner capacities that help you to navigate through the challenges of your daily life. As you dedicate to this practice, you become more heart centred and deeply anchored in your sacred feminine power and intuition. Previous trainees have likened the facilitator training journey to that of a priest/ priestess initiation into the sacred alchemical temple arts as you deepen in your service and prepare to become a guide for others to connect to the Divine within themselves and without.’

– Kaitlyn Field, long term Kundalini Dance Facilitator and Trainer

‘The Kundalini Dance facilitator training was a powerful initiation connecting me to the divine life force that dwells with in me. I learned new skills to shift old beliefs and patterns that were limiting my capacity to experience joy ecstasy and bliss. Moving the dense energy of fear, anger and shame from my body and dancing it into the light of love. As a facilitator I have witnessed the transformational power of this work change the lives of those who choose to open themselves to the creative abundant life force that flows through us.  I am so grateful for this work and the gifts I have received from it.’

– Snow Marks, Alaska

‘I was as in Leyolah’s very first training session! The changes that has made to my life as I cleared my body and dealt with my limitations set me on a course to birth my own wisdom and path. Profound work she teaches and I still use the techniques and breath work with my groups and on myself all these years later.’

– Kerri Ryan MA, Goddess of Sacred Sex

‘This work is a multidimensional self-healing healing technique which has completely transformed my life. It has empowered, accelerated and expanded my consciousness. I have not come across anything else that has the depth as Kundalini Dance it rocks!!’

– Rochelle Adam, Gold Coast, Australia

Finer Details

Please note that there are 2 pathways of participating in an In Person Retreat and being Certified.

First is by registering for The Year Long Alchemical Priestess online initiation (Sphere 1) then attending an In Person Retreat (Sphere 2) then completing your Practicum + 3 Day Final Retreat (Sphere 3).

Second is beginning your initation with your In Person Retreat, then doing your Practicum + Final Retreat, and also joining the online Priestess Initiation.

Involves you setting up your own alchemical temple and hosting an 8 week Alchemical Dance Journey through the chakras for a small group. You will receive online supervision from Leyolah, Martine and your Senior Priestess Mentors, during this time. After your practicum you will join your priestess sisters for your final 3 Day Retreat for deeper processes and to complete your certification.

This process may be done within 1-2 years depending on your personal time and resources.

For those who cannot attend an In Person Retreat due to very special circumstance, exceptions may be given on an individual basis. Leyolah may personally mentor some women who have a natural gift for this work. This will be decided once you have committed and attended the initial Year Long Alchemical Priestess Training in 2024. Private mentoring price to be discussed on application to special exception.

Please note at the time of your registration you will be asked to sign a waiver, media release and be aware of the cancellation policy.

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