Priestess Rising

As many of us can do with support to support to stay centred and connected to love and truth amidst the often distracting energy of the holidays, I am offering my course Priestess Rising – 21 day Online Immersion. as a self led course at a discounted price.

This course takes you deep into deeper connection with the Divine Mother and to nurture those things that really matter to you. This course is an invitation to return back to the Goddess Mother and her wisdom; it is She who reveals the maps back to Her ancient traditions and onto a journey that rebirths our souls, liberates our consciousness, and offers the keys to our awakening.

It once cost us our lives to embody the priestess, and open our vessels and our voices to the Divine Mother Goddess and now it is costing our lives and the future of our planet not to not embody her.

I am calling in all the priestesses to come home and remember again. To come back together to support each other to remember.

As the priestesses we are in service to awakening consciousness on this planet, we are midwives of new paradigms in relationships, education, health care and parenting.

The priestess are the leaders, the creatives, the way-showers, those who have stepped outside the status quo. We are the messengers from outside the matrix showing a new way, for the dawning of this new day.

We are being asked to step up to create the new myth of humanity, to embody the awakened feminine and live a life guided by our passion and soul presence. We are being called to remember and reclaim our deep feminine wisdom and have the courage to be true to our souls’ vocations and express the sacred— in our families, in our communities and in our work places.

Our planet and our people need us. We are living in incredible times, where life is constantly inviting us to reclaim the magnificence of our souls and live our greatest life.

I am calling the priestesses to gather. The sacred feminine is rising within women and we are so needed to begin to give our creative gifts no matter how small back to life. The feminines authentic creative power is needed to be given back into the field of life.

It is time for the priestess to rise now.

We NEED you, whatever is your contribution. It is no longer time to hide or to stay small.


If you are called into this collective remembrance I invite you to join this course and deepen your remembrance.

As it is the holidays I am offering it at almost half price discount! You can buy the course now, own it forever and practice with it any time!

The Priestess Rising Online Course is a self led course where you get an email each day for 21 days with a Shakti meditation practice, or a teaching or an inspirational email with deep feminine wisdom for navigating transformation, to take you deeper into connection to the Divine Mother.

I am offering it super cheap – take a peek! Holiday Offer ends Dec 21st!

Priestess Rising – A 21 Day Online Practice

for your empowerment,