Priestess Training – 2019

Demonstration of payments plan widget on this page. It has the following features:

1. A specific “offer” created in unique to this product. (25% downpayment, fortnightly payments over 5 months for remainder, +5% admin processing fee)

2. Used to generate a WIDGET embed code and also a BUTTON code which have both been added in a dedicated Divi CODE module above the “add to cart” function

3. In case they go via “add to cart” there is also custom coding to change the default site offer to this specific offer for orders above $1000. Both of these variables (the offer, and the purchase price above which it is displayed as site default) can be changed. It requires editing the offer ID and the $amount in Appearance > Editor > Divi Child > Functions.php > ‘SHOW CUSTOM OFFER AT CHECKOUT FOR ORDERS ABOVE $1000’ > change the cart total in the code and change the Custom Offer ID (the hashes) in the “return ‘<###>’;” field.

4. Note the functions.php also contains code for “SHOW Payment Option At CHECKOUT Checkout Only Above $60”