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3 Part Video Series


Join us to Reclaim your Divine Feminine Super Powers

Discover the archetypes that will awaken your innate gifts and super powers.

Come, AWAKEN your exquisite qualities, RADIANT energies and the WISDOM inside of you, that you never even knew existed.

Join Leyolah for 3 days of teachings, archetypal activations and transmissions


Radiance 3 day challenge - May 2024

Radiance Challenge
Radiance Challenge


Over the 3 days of our RADIANCE series, we will immerse ourselves in God and Goddess Archetypes from the Ancient Tantric Lineages.

Powerful things happen to us when we EMBODY the archetypes that are at the core of our ancient cultural myths.

You will be offered teachings and embodiment practices to receive the divine gifts that come through each GODDESS archetype and their divine GOD counterpart.

The Goddess has risen and we are being invited to EMBODY HER.

Over 3 days, I will offer you the best teachings, archetypal activations and tantric energy transmissions I have embodied over the last 20+ years teaching and initiating others in a super intensive immersion for FREE!

Why FREE?  Because it feels like we all need a good high frequency TUNE UP!

This is your chance to come and immerse yourself in processes that will support you to connect to the vibrancy and aliveness of your body, the radiance of your heart, the power of your voice, and alignment with your soul’s true path.

How many of your radiant gifts and super powers can you activate and remember over three days?



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Three incredible days of Leyolah sharing her RADIANCE INITIATIONS with you

Transformational Teachings •  Archetypal Activations  •  Somatic Meditations  •  Divine Feminine Embodiment Practices  •  Guided Inner Journeys  •  Tantric Energy Transmissions

Connect with our special COMMUNITY of amazing women where you will be supported and inspired to REVEAL your TRUE SELF.


the vibrant life force of Shakti inside of you, accelerating your journey to awaken to the life of your soul design


yourself to embody the full spectrum of the Divine Feminine energies  and embrace all parts of you


your vibrant life energy, free your voice to become magnetic to the life that you were born to live


I’ve spent the last 20+ years guiding 10’s of thousands of people in ecstatic transformational containers and supporting them to get out of their FUNK and awaken into a life more vibrantly alive and aligned with their SOUL.

This could be for you if you feel…

“I want to feel more CREATIVE”

I have this creative spark inside me, but it’s suffocating under the weight of everyday life. I feel like there’s so much creativity wanting to be expressed, but I seem to be paralysed by my own self doubt.

“I want to feel more CONFIDENT”

I doubt myself constantly. I second-guess every decision, every action. It’s like there’s a voice in my head telling me I’m not good enough, and I don’t know how to silence it.

“I want to share my authentic VOICE”

I’m terrified of sharing my authentic self. I worry that if I show the world who I truly am, I’ll be rejected. It feels safer to hide behind a mask, but deep down, I long to break free and be fully seen for who I am.

“I am feeling the call to EMBODY my sacred self”

I feel disconnected from my own sexuality. It’s like I’ve forgotten how to tap into that sacred energy that flows through me. I want to awaken my senses, to feel that deep connection to my own body and spirit.

“I long for DEEPER intimacy and connection”

I feel so alone, like I’m the only one who feels this way. I crave deep connections with others who understand me, I long to connect with my soul family.

Radiance Challenge
Radiance Challenge

Embody Your Archetypal Inner Wisdom

Radiance Challenge
Radiance Challenge
Radiance Challenge

Praise for Leyolah’s Teachings

I truly feel Leyolah is on this Earth to bring women into their true power!”

“Leyolah guided me to the freedom, sovereignty and passion to fully embody and shine in my Power.”

“Leyolah’s work is cutting edge, and will support you to move through all the areas you have been stuck.”

Radiance Challenge

About Leyolah

Leyolah Antara is a transformational guide, Divine Feminine Embodiment Facilitator, Author and High Priestess of the Goddess. She is the founder and creator of the Kundalini Dance Practice and the Tantric Rose Mystery School which teaches how to cultivate your sensual creative energy for personal awakening and connection to ones innate divinity. She has a depth of wisdom that comes from over 30 years of practicing inner tantra and facilitating thousands of people through deep transformation and ecstatic spiritual awakening. Leyolah’s methods are on the leading edge. She transmits the ecstatic keys of tantric alchemy that will connect you to the divine and transform past patterns that have been holding you back from manifesting your hearts desires in your intimate relationships and your life purpose. She is compassionate and caring and has a depth of wisdom from many decades of holding space for deep transformation.

Sister, have you had enough of playing small and dimming down your light?

 Isn’t it about time you boldly and unapologetically embrace the RADIANT being you truly are?

Join us for this video series, to fine tune your frequency and come back in alignment with your souls agenda.

It’s time to polish the diamond within and RADIATE your light.

The brighter you shine, the more you give others permission to shine too!

The more parts of you that you reclaim and boldly step into, the more you inspire others and our world too.

The world, your community, your people need you to express your gift so they can express theirs.

Are you ready to amplify your radiance?


Reclaim your Divine Feminine Super Powers


Radiance 3 day challenge - May 2024

Photo credits: Hayley Melrose, Ian Mackenzie and Wild Warmth Photo

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