Sacred Soul Mate Re Union

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In this meditation practice, we will embody Sacred Inner Union as a pathway to attracting Beloved Soul Mate Relationship or deepening your existing relationship.

We are all wired for love, to give love, to receive love, to live as love. We long for sacred soul mate union, it is our most primal ecstatic longing, etched in the very fibre of our beings – we know it is our divine design, our intuitive body, our soul knows we are destined for it.

Sacred Soul Mate Re Union - FREE Meditation

Opening To Divine Love

Yet many of us have lost faith, deciding that perhaps soul mate sacred union is just a fairy tale dream? So we drop the bar, we settle for less, or we focus on cultivating the love within, which don’t get me wrong, is a very good thing. We become independent, strong and self reliant. Yet from the depths of our womb hearts, we long for soulmate love, we long to go deeper with our beloveds.
Our desire for soul love is an evolutionary urge, our primal intelligence knows, we need one another to grow, create and evolve our souls.

Sacred Sexual Union opens doors of possibility that support radical quantum leaps in consciousness. When two lovers merge, both deeply sourced in their sovereign inner union, radiating as love, their union dissolves the old imprints of separation consciousness and births new paradigms of love on earth.

All of life is conspiring to bring soul mates together. Yet why are so many of us not in relationship, or sexually keeping distance from our beloved partners?

The paradox is – we are designed for union – yet we need to embody the love that we seek within, in order to attract it to ourselves.

That which is within, manifests without.
The more we surrender open to receive Divine Love, and nourish the flame of love within, the more full & richly nourished in love are hearts become. When we call for beloved from this place of love within us, we will manifest the deep soul love that our hearts desire.

When we call the beloved from a place of lack, of not enough, not deserving, complaining about what we got, if we focussing on the un fulfilment we create more of that.

I have created a meditation for you to focus your energies on attracting soul mate love. Mary Magdalene is said to support the bringing together of soul mates. Magdelene and Yeshua the Christ were a divine couple whose shared the teachings of the Way of Love. Opening to their energetic union inside of your deep beloved heart, you can receive a powerful energetic transmission that helps you to embody sacred inner union and attract soul mate love.

Are You Ready To Open To Sacred Soul Union?

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