Sekhmet :: The Warrior Goddess

The modern day heroine, Warrior Queen is a women who has heard the call to RISE, into her sovereign power. Perhaps she has heard the call several times, before she musters the courage to step into the unknown realms that she must face to gain access to the sacred gifts of her soul.

Along the journey she discovers many inner obstacles to overcome, her fears, her self doubt, her self – loathing. As a 21st Century she often feels too stressed out, too overwhelmed or distracted to follow the true path of her soul.

She recognises she has many inner demons to slay, masks to peel off and darker emotions to feel and she knows that she can not do this alone.

She opens to a higher power, an archetypal goddess force to give her the strength, courage and fierce compassion to get out of her own way and combat her fears and reclaim her feminine power and her radiance.

Sekhmet is one such higher power.

This is a call, dear sisters, to come closer to entering the mystery teachings of the Egyptian Goddess Sekhmet.
She is coming forward to support us to RISE and CLAIM OUR POWER.
I invite you to join with me in a 21 Day sacred immersion and infuse yourself in the vibrant ecstatic power of the Goddess Sekhmet to become your beautiful, powerful self.
Sekhmet, is the Egyptian Goddess of transformation, healing and fierce compassion, whose presence emanates the ecstatic life force of the Kundalini energy or Sekhem as it is known in Egyptian.
When we embody Sekhmet we gain the power and the strength to overcome our inner obstacles, our self – doubt, our fears, our self loathing and reclaim our power and vibrancy, to life the live we were born to live.
One of the most powerful medicines that the Goddess Sekhmet gives to us is self – forgiveness.
This is an invitation to reclaim your sovereign queen and become the heroine of your own mythic life story.