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SHAKTI POWER Transmission Sign up

Unleash Your Creative Potential


Shakti Pow€r

Free Teaching Transmission

When a woman deeply embodies her longing for spiritual awakening and divine union, her sensual energy is elevated to become a luminous current of ecstatic energy that flows through her body like a RIV€R OF JOY.

This ECSTATIC CURR€NT is what we call SHAKTI

Shakti is the Sanskrit Indian word that essentially means DIVIN€ POW€R
She is your CREATIV€ LIF€ €N€RGY
Shakti is the genie of your genius, the fire of your passion that lead you to your purpose.
She is the full spectrum of the SACR€D F€MININ€.
Shakti is the sensual river of eros within you, she is the COURAGEOUS BOLD, tell it like it is truth.
She is the deeper current of deep F€MININ€ INT€LLIG€NC€
Shakti is the FIR€ OF TRANSFORMATION that leads to ecstatic spiritual awakening
She is the NE€TAR that will fuel your SOULS JOURN€Y HOM€

SHAKTI POWER Transmission Sign up

SHAKTI POWER Transmission Sign up

Shakti is the Divine Mother and is an ecstatic power of transformation like no other.

SHAKTI POWER Transmission Sign up

A Reclaimation

There has been a huge gap in the understanding of the potency of WOMEN’S S€NSUALITY in both spiritual traditions and in contemporary society and culture.

A WOMAN’S S€NSUALITY is not only confined to her expression in the bedroom, it is her vital LIFE FORCE, her unique CREATIVE ENERGY, her SOUL FIRE.

Discover why reclaiming S€NSUAL SOVEREIGNTY is a non negotiable requirement for a women to access the depth of her feminine wisdom – her authentic voice so she canlive her life with passion and purpose.

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Are You Ready to

Reclaim Your Feminine Power?

Inviting all women who are curious to explore the full spectrum of their deep feminine power to come together to UNLEASH your SACRED FEMININE SOVEREIGNTY and CREATIVE ENERGY.

 Discover Three Keys

To Embody your Erotic Divinity

If you relate to these callings, sign up for this free webinar!

You will learn and embody THREE SECRET KEYS  to access your DEEP FEMININE POWER . Keys that will connect you more deeply to YOURSELF , to THE DIVINE and that support the sustainability of a juicy INTIMATE PARTNERSHIP and CONNECTION

Key #1



Learn some white tantra practices and learn how to circulate your sensual energy in ways that will bring you more vitality, creative inspiration, deeper intimacy and connection, clarity and intuitive guidance.

Key #2



Discover how embodying the aspects of key sacred feminine archetypes can give you access to parts of yourself you never knew existed. We will explore how to bring Aphrodite the Goddess of Love into your life to support you to create the space for love.

Key #3



Learn tools that will support you to clear shame, body shame and transform past hurts, and bring you closer to your current partner or can help you heal and complete with the past to get you ready to magnetise a new relationship.

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What the Women are Saying…

Sydney Australia

I write this with the deepest gratitude for you Leyolah , please know that you and your teachings have changed my life and allowed me to embody myself more fully as a divinely feminine and erotic woman.

I am in such gratitude for the teachings that you are sharing, your honesty, and the graciousness with which you teach.  I experience feeling safe, respected and held gently as you navigate with us through sensitive and often uncharted territory.  I very much look forward to continuing this journey together’


Montreal, Cananda

I have been working on discovering my female ֆɛxuality for some years. After researching to find the right teacher, I discovered Leyolah’s class, which was the exact blend of tantric practices perfectly mixed with Kundalini dance, breathing, praying and chanting through female archetypes. It was the class I was dreaming of.

Leyolah has not only thoroughly studied and developed the material she teaches, she has lived it and integrated it into her life as a way of life. Leyolah is a Priestess, teaching a sacred practice with grace, love and compassion in pure sisterhood spirit. She has the ability to be lovingly present for each student while playfully teaching with the greatest care and attention.


SHAKTI POWER Transmission Sign up
SHAKTI POWER Transmission Sign up

Leyolah Antara is long – term teacher of the tantric alchemical healing arts. She is an author, shamanic dance priestess, mystic, mother, lover, poet, intuitive healer, creative producer and the founder of Kundalini Dance™, an ecstatic embodiment practice that she has developed and taught for over 30 years. She is currently a highly creative, prolific teacher, running an online mystery school, The Tantric Rose Mystery School, dedicated to teaching the high art of sexual alchemy. This year she is offering her Tantric Rose Priestess Training in Bali and online.  She is currently living in New Zealand and writing her new book to empower women to live soulful lives.

Leyolah’s methods are on the leading edge. She transmits the ecstatic keys of tantric alchemy that will connect you to the divine and transform past patterns that have been holding you back from manifesting your hearts desires in your intimate relationships and your life purpose. She is compassionate and caring and has a depth of wisdom that comes from over 29 years of holding space for deep transformation.

SHAKTI POWER Transmission Sign up

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