This International Women’s Day the invitation is to Choose To Challenge.

We invite you to gather together in a safe space to honour our raw, instinctual knowing and hear the voices of the sacred feminine during these turbulent times.

This will be an opportunity to gather in solidarity with other women on this path as we challenge the mainstream narrative, activate our collective loving power, and rise together to reclaim our rights as sovereign women and mothers on this Earth, for ourselves and future generations.

Monday, March 8th, 8:00am, AEDT ( Sydney )

Sunday, March 7th,  1:00pm, PST ( Vancouver/L.A )

Sunday, March 7th, 9:00pm, GMT ( London )

I have invited three other woman to speak up. These are woman in my life, who I know are choosing personal sovereignty, in their health choices, their financial freedom and their spiritual path to speak up. 

We will also open the mic to our audience and you too will be invited to speak up around things you feel “are not right” in the current global situation. No need for intellectual evidence, this is an invitation to share from your instinctual knowing.

This is a safe space to speak up and allow woman to have their own choices and voices.

In our final part of our gathering, we will send healing energy to this global situation. Let’s rally together and pulse the source power to people and politicians that need our help to heal and raise their consciousness.

1. Opening Meditation

2. Deep Feminine Speakers

Leyolah Antara  |  Avalon Darnesh  |  Eeshi-Ra Hart  |  Susan Banhengi

3. Participants Share

4. Collective Healing Ceremony

Sacred Feminine Mentor, Womens Mysteries Teacher, Visionary and Priestess and Founder of the Divine Mother Temple.

A sound healing practitioner, singer, trauma release breath coach & bodyworker since 1991, visionary, speaker & vocal coach with over 20 years in the sound healing world. Founder of Sonic Life Solutions.

Author, Speaker, Crypto Educator, Futurist, Ethical Wealth Creation, Women’s Advocate, Early Adopter.

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Sisters Speak Up

Banner art by Jasmine Rose   |    Lunar Gypsy Design

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