SOLAR ALCHEMY  With Goddess Sekhmet and the White Lions

Solar Alchemy

With the Goddess Sekhmet & The White Lions

Three Day Online Retreat

8th, 9th & 10th August 2020

SOLAR ALCHEMY  With Goddess Sekhmet and the White Lions

Solar Alchemy

Three Day Online Retreat

With Leyolah Antara

Let’s gather for three days of Divine Feminine alchemy practice for deep embodied transformation.

Over the three day gateway of the Lions Gate 8th of the 8th month, we have a powerful portal for transformation. This will be our fourth year in ceremony honoring the Lions Gate and we have always experienced the energy to be so high.

SOLAR ALCHEMY  With Goddess Sekhmet and the White Lions

☥ ENTER a potent Crucible of Healing and Transformation

☥ DANCE to embody the fierce compassion, love and luminous healing power of the Solar Goddess’ Sekhmet – Kali – Kundalini Shakti.

☥ AWAKEN Shakti Kundalini

☥ SURRENDER our doubts, our fears, our pain, our distractions and all the addictive behaviour of our lower self up to the light

☥ TRANSFORM the Shadow Patterns and negative patterns of your lower nature

☥ OPEN to receive the diamond light codes coming through the central sun with the support of the White Lions of Sirius

☥ RE-ENCODE your chakras with the light of the central sun

☥ RENEW your Energy Body with Tantric Alchemy Practices

Are You Ready for a Quickening?

The Lions Gate Portal opens every year on August 8th to the 12th, when the Sun is in Leo and is marked by the star Sirius moving closer to earth and aligning in Orion’s belt, which perfectly syncs up with the Pyramids in Giza, Egypt.

These light codes coming in from Sirius are set to specifically interact with our DNA spiral to assist us to activate previously dormant DNA strands which are configured to vibrationaly assist us to align to Divine Love and awaken our highest soul potentials.

Sirius’ energy is all about awakening to new frequencies, energetic potentials, and a higher consciousness at an accelerated rate.

SOLAR ALCHEMY  With Goddess Sekhmet and the White Lions

Every year on August 8th of (8th of the 8th), a potent surge of accelerated solar energies become available to aid our spiritual awakening, if we choose to receive.

It is said to be a “Star Gate,” giving us access to the high vibrational frequencies from our Central Sun, Sirius to support and quicken our evolutionary process.

It is a time when you can receive healing for your karmic wounds and limiting patterns if you choose to focus your energy and take the opportunity. You can open, to receive incredible support from the benevolent guides, like the Egyptian Goddess of Transformation Sekhmet, Hathor the Goddess of Love and the Hathor Star Nation.

I have found it a powerful time of year to receive and give ecstatic embodidied transmissions with the Goddess Sekhmet and The Royal White Lion’s of Sirius. They really come in strong at this time to support our healing.

Sekhmet is the Egyptian Dark Goddess of transformation, healing, and fierce compassion. Her presence emanates the ecstatic life force of the Kundalini energy or Sekhem as it is known in Egyptian Alchemy.

When we embody Sekhmet we gain the power and the strength to overcome our inner obstacles, our self – doubt, our fears, our self-loathing and reclaim our power and vibrancy so we can live the life we were born to live. With her fierce compassion and love, she will cleanse your heart of the patterns of the past and renew your heart with the emerald fire of love.

Are You Ready to Harness the Energy of this Potent Time?

SOLAR ALCHEMY  With Goddess Sekhmet and the White Lions

Reactivate Your

Diamond Light Codes


What significant wound keeps replaying in your life?

What karmic patterns keeps repeating over and over?

What are you ready to TOTALLY complete re – living again and again?

What wound is blocking your deepest desires from manifesting?

What patterns are you DONE WITH?

Choose that one… and I invite your to work with that in our sacred 8.8.8 ceremony.

The Goddess Sekhmet is here for you when you stand in her fire and say ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. 

It is time to put your staff in the earth and affirm. 

I choose to end this cycle now.

I do this for myself, I do this for seven generations before me and seven generations after me.

Day 1


In this Webinar – Leyolah will offer a tantric movement ceremony overlighted by the Goddess Sekhmet who supports us to activate the transformational energy of Sekhem to purify the stagnant emotional energy held in your chakras so that you can clear old emotional dross and more fully receive the diamond light codes coming through the lions gate portal.

Day 2

 LIONS GATE Activation

On this sacred day of the Lions Gate, Leyolah will offer you a guided meditation and inner inquiry practice for you to gain awareness of the core beliefs or woundings patterns that you are no longer serving the growth of your soul. Opening into a new emotional signature and vibrational frequency that matches the life you are choosing to live.

Day 3


Today you will receive a recording of a guided solar prayers chakra meditation. 

Breathing the sun into our chakras supports the higher light codes of creation to re-pattern our karmic stories. Giving us the opportunity to break out of negative -loops and recreate our inner myths empowered by choices and actions that are aligned in love.

Bonus 1


OPENING BONUS – Upon registration you will instantly receive a practical guidebook for you to understand and put into practice the foundational keys of tantric alchemy. Leyolah has written a juicy guide book that is the basis for all of her Kundalini Dance and Tantric Rose Mystery School Teachings.


Bonus 2

Video Practice

INTEGRATION BONUS – At the completion of the series, you will receive a Solar Prayers Gratitude Practice Meditation. We enter into the sweet stillness of communion with the sun and the light of your celestial soul. You will be guided to a practice to receive the healing leixer that comes through your celestial soul when ou focus on the energy of appreciation and gratitude. 

SOLAR ALCHEMY  With Goddess Sekhmet and the White Lions

About Leyolah Antara

Leyolah Antara is a Priestess of Isis Magdalene through the Rose Line of Goddess Sophia. She is a master ecstatic alchemist and transformational guide. She has created Kundalini Dance Alchemical Healing Practice over the past 30 years. Leyolah offers Priestess Initiation Training retreats and online programmes in Ecstatic Kundalini Dance, Sacred Sexuality, Sacred Union, Egyptian High Tantric Alchemy and Shamanic Healing Arts.

The Priestess Initiation Programmes are curriculums designed to initiate women and men who are feeling the call to support the rise of feminine consciousness in union with the divine masculine and express their gifts, as teachers, healers, sacred leaders and creatives in service to the awakening of humanity.

Leyolah’s methods are on the leading edge. She transmits ecstatic keys connect you to the divine and transform past patterns that have been holding you back from manifesting your hearts desires in your intimate relationships & your life purpose. She is compassionate, caring & has a depth of wisdom that comes from over 30 years of holding space for deep transformation.

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