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Initiation Series

A Month Long Online Immersion

Heal Your Relationship With The Masculine

With Leyolah Antara as your Mentor and Guide

Priestess SWT

I am dedicating this PRIESTESS – Initiation series to healing with MEN, the PATRIARCHY, OUR FATHERS, GOD and our Sacred MASCULINE essence within. 

Our relationship with the Masculine is our relationship with the WORLD. How we allow ourselves to be SEEN and how we allow our deep feminine essence to flow into our lives and relationships.

Initiation Series With Leyolah Antara

A Month Long Online Immersion
June 2 – 23, 2023

In our month of PRIESTESS we will explore the priestess as both an archetypal presence AND an expression of a woman’s sacred purpose. We will enter into some of the essential ALCHEMICAL INITIATIONS of the Priestess as an embodied woman who knows how to surrender open to a higher power of divine GRACE, that can guide her through her life and relationships.

We will embody her as Magdalene, one who has returned to the Garden Of PARADISE in her own sensual body, has forgiven the masculine for past betrayals, and who remembers, how to initiate a MAN into a KING.

In our month with PRIESTESS we will journey to ancient Avalon,  to heal the ancient wound of betrayal with the SACRED Masculine that created a great split between the masculine and feminine. We will ressurect the remembrance of the ancient alchemical rite of Hieros Gamos, The Sacred Inner Marriage, so we can live in sacred balance with our masculine essence and with men to co create the new earth together.


This Offering is for You,
Sacred Woman…

If you know that now is the time to reveal your inner treasures and be SEEN.

PRIESTESS is an invitation for all women

who are ready to


 Your Sacred Feminine Essence


In all your relations in SERVICE for the GOOD of ALL LIFE

When a woman has FORGIVEN herself for CLOSING down her sacred gifts, and releases the need for external validation from the masculine, she FREES herself from the patriarchy and can begin to truly share her greatest TREASURES with both men and women.


the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine

temples and WAYS can re converge

and we can co create



Are You Ready to Be Seen in Your Priestess Power?

The Priestess’ are Rising…

The PRIESTESS ancient times for literally thousands of years, would honour their sexual energy as a dynamic living erotic current that would be embodied as a vehicle that would bestow blessings of love and healing upon her beloveds. When a woman makes love with the sensibility of the priestess in her love making she moves beyond seduction, and need for masculine adoration to feel valid, to being a vessel for divinity to bring a man into connection with his sacred sexual current that in essence leads him into his own well spring and source. 

This month of priestess we will explore a sacred rite to offer bring your man closer to the Goddess within himself.

“If you bring forth what is within you, what is within you will save you. If you do not bring forth what is within you, what is within you will destroy you.”

From the Gospel of Thomas

Tantric Rose Mystery School


Priestess SWT


Dragon and Dove Alchemy

Through Isis, Mother Mary and Mary Magdalene


Priestess SWT

Sanctify your Womb Chalice

Activate your Shakti with the Dragons of Sophia

Rose Heart Blessing with Mother Mary

Shekinah Dove Transmission with Mary Magdalene

Embodying the Union of the Ascending Shakti with the Descending Shekinah currents of energy

In this first week you will receive the alchemical initiation of the Dragon and Dove Alchemy through Isis, Mother Mary and Mary Magdalene. You will sanctify your womb as the Holy Grail to receive the grace of the Sophia – Christ through the alchemical union of the ascending shakti fires of the Twin Dragons of Sophia and the descending grace of the Dove of Shekinah. This is a foundational Hieros Gamos, Sacred Inner Union practice within the Rose Grail Lineage.

Teaching 22 min {Audio}
Practice 33 min {Audio}

Priestess SWT


Heal with the Sacred Masculine

Through Magdalene, Priestesses of Avalon and The Lady of the Lake


Priestess SWT

Transform the wound of betrayal with the masculine

Release ancient vows to never love again

Forgive through the white rose

Heal your beloved heart

Open to Beloved reunion both inner and outer

This week’s Live Ceremony will focus on healing the ancient wound of separation between men and women, that began in AVALON. It was in Avalon that the Priestesses were deeply betrayed by the BROTHERHOOD, their beloved masculine divine soul counterparts, VOWING TO NEVER TRUST A MAN AGAIN. We will journey to the ancient Holy Isle of Avalon, to mend and repair the ancient wound of BETRAYALwith the sacred masculine. Together in a sacred ceremony, we will forgive the past to return to balance with our inner masculine essence and the men in our lives.

Sydney – Fri, June 9 at 8am AEST
Ibiza – Fri, June 9 at 12 midn CEST
London – Thur, June 8 at 11pm BST
Toronto/NewYork – Thur, June 8 at 6pm EDT
Vancouver/LosAngeles Thur, June 8 at 3pm PDT


Priestess SWT


Ecstatic Mystics and the Tantric Rose Lineage

Through Mary Magdalene, The Order of the Magdalene’s, and Isis


Priestess SWT

Making love through womb consciousness

Creating Conatiners for Tantric Exploration with partners

Tantric Red Rose Initiation

 Sexual Alchemy of Isis Magdalene

Moving desire through the central pillar

Ecstatic Mysteries

In our third transmission we will receive tantric transmissions through the red rose path of Isis and Mary Magdalene. We will explore the tantric relationship between Yeshua and Magdalene and the depths of what is possible through sexual soul union. We will explore new possibilities for creating sacred containers for relationship and best practice for a PRIESTESS to initiate a man into the Tantric Rose Mysteries.  We will reflect on ways we have withheld shakti and sharing our deep feminine essence. 

Teaching 30 min {Audio}
Practice 22 min {Audio}

Priestess SWT


Sacred Inner Marriage


Through Hathor and Horus


Priestess SWT

Sacred Inner Marriage with Hathor and Horus

The Hieros Gamos Rite

Creating Evolutionary Containers for Sexual Relationships

Priestess Crowning

Seal of Horus

Tantric Union

In our fourth initiation we will be working with the template of the Hieros Gamos, the SACRED MARRIAGE receiving transmissions from the Ancient Egyptian God and Goddess, Hathor and Horus. We will explore the path of PRIESTESS in antiquity as initiators and makers of men as Kings and translate that into our contemporary lives as Sacred Women. We wil explore possibilities for sexual containers and new evolutionary structures for beloved relationships to thrive in these accelerated times we are living in.

Teaching 33 min {Audio}
Practice 22 min {Audio}

Four Weeks of Sacred Online Immersion


Week One : June 2
Audio Transmissions to your inbox

Week Two : June 9
Ceremony Live Transmission on zoom

Sydney – Fri, June 9 at 8am AEST
Ibiza – Fri, June 9 at 12 midn CEST
London – Thur, June 8 at 11pm BST
Toronto/NewYork – Thur, June 8 at 6pm EDT
Vancouver/LosAngeles Thur, June 8 at 3pm PDT

Week Three : June 16
Audio Transmissions to your inbox

Week Four : June 23
Audio Transmissions to your inbox


Priestess SWT

What the Women are Saying…

Priestess SWT


Leyolah is the real deal. She is a master tantric priestess of the highest order. Her radically loving and passionate approach to spirituality offers a clear roadmap for collective healing and evolution – a precious gift for these times. Through Leyolah’s programs, I was able to release a massive amount of energetic weight, heal past wounds and unlock my channeling abilities. I have remembered my sacred purpose as a modern priestess and have ignited my inner fire as an unstoppable force for LOVE. Thank you so much Leyolah!

Priestess SWT


Leyolah’s loving, very present and authentic leadership in a one-on-one setting (as well as in various group programs and ceremonies that I’ve been in with her) helped me move into deep old places of wounding, clear them from my body and energy field, and move into a lighter, more hopeful and empowered place. One of her gifts–for which I’m so grateful–is this profound vision and intuitive knowledge of what we as women, have been holding.  She sees and knows how to help clear the layers of repressions and shackles–from this life, past lives and the collective.

Priestess SWT


The processes and ceremonies that Leyolah guided us through were amazing and deep. I felt such a deep connection to and holding by the Dark Mother as I released underlying trauma and was able to come to a place of forgiveness. The process has been transformational and 5 weeks on, I still feel strongly guided by the Divine and I have taken many steps towards transforming my life. Thank you Leyolah for creating this opportunity, which has allowed me to be a more authentic expression of my divine Self.

Leyolah Antara

Leyolah is a best-selling author, spiritual guide and  high priestess of the Isis Magdalene Rose Lineage. She is a master ecstatic alchemist and transformational guide specializing in embodied transformation.

She has created and taught the Kundalini Dance Alchemical Healing Practice for the past 33 years, having trained over 220 + active teachers in the work. She is also the founder of The Tantric Rose Mystery School where she offers programs to empower woman into the expression of their most authentic self in their creative life and in their intimate relationships.

Leyolah has her home, temple and garden sanctuary in Northern NSW, Australia, where she lives with her beloved partner and daughter. She is currently writing her second book to empower women to live soulful lives. She is compassionate guide with a depth of wisdom that comes from being connected to soma and over 30 years of holding space for deep transformation for groups all over the world.

Leyolah Antara

A PRIESTESS is a sovereign Woman unbound by the cultural confines of her time, she serves love and only love.

Priestess SWT

We begin on June 2nd



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