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Evolve Your S€xuality
White T⌆ntra :: Sacred Intimacy :: Conscious Relating

Evolve Your S€xuality

Online Retreat
For Men and Women

Saturday and Sunday
November 21st and 22nd 2020

An exploration in white t⌆ntra practice for deepening erotic intimacy, soul level communion and emotional healing of the barriers to love and connection.


Our sɛxual intimate relationships offer us such huge opportunities for ecstatic bliss, sensual pleasure, joy, and deep connection as well as being incredible catalysts for spiritual growth.

All too often we run away or shut down when we are triggered in our deeper wounds with our partners. Either shutting down intimatley or moving onto the next one, only to eventually experience the same patterns arising again and again. Often we miss great opportunities for soul growth because we don’t have the tools to navigate the triggers that arise.

In our T⌆ntric Relating Online Retreat, we will explore White T⌆ntric Energy practices to clear emotions and beliefs and return to the truth of love.

Tantric Relating - Evolve Your Sexuality - Online 2020


The God& Goddess Within

Sɛxual energy is a very powerful transformational and evolutionary energy, yet we often do not know how to harness its power and it can end up leading us into drama rather than helping us shift our karma, align to creation and evolve our consciousness, which is what our sɛxual energy is truly designed for.

Tantric Relating - Evolve Your Sexuality - Online 2020

Sɛxual energy is the most potent, alive, ecstatic energy in the human body, pure creative life force. Its foundational purpose is for procreation AND when t⌆ntrically harnessed has the potential to ecstatically rebirth human consciousness.

For the past four years, I have been primarily working on teaching sacred sɛxuality and t⌆ntric embodiment to women. Supporting women to awaken shakti and harness their sɛxual power as creative, evolutionary energy, so that we can live on purpose and relate to our beloved partners as a whole, empowered, sovereign ecstatic beings.

Our time has come for the women to invite the men back into the temple. To explore new sacred ways of relating inside of our intimate relationships. To explore the potency of relating as two whole people-centered in their inner oneness.

Build Trust

Between Men & Women

This is an invitation to come together to heal the core wounds of separation between the masculine and the feminine, both human and Divine.
To bring our men back home to the Goddess and awaken the Divine Feminine within them, so they too may embody the ecstasy of Shakti Kundalini moving through their bodies.

We open ourselves to receive transmissions from our men, to align our women with the Divine Masculine so that we may align to higher mind and receive whatever we need to return to balance.

There are transmissions we need to offer one another, so let’s come together in sacred temple space devoted to re – union of God – Goddess within, so that men and women may awaken together.

Tantric Relating - Evolve Your Sexuality - Online 2020

Soul Mate

Re – Union

I have recently had some huge shifts and awakening inside of my relationship with men. I am aware that we are coming to a time when more and more soul mate relationships are coming together. As I have experienced multiple soul mate relationships in my life, I believe we have more than one soul mate and we have a whole team of soul mates who can serve each other to grow. Soul mate relationships are here to help us to grow and can often bring up deeper wounds than non-soul-mate sɛxual relationships.

Common themes that often arise for healing
in soul mate re – unions:

Feeling armor around the beloved heart
Boundaries around touch and personal space
Control stuff: power play: competition: dominant, submissive
Terror or fear of opening to love
Surrender – Resistance
Sadness forgiveness

The Way Of Love

I am inviting us all to come together to share some powerful tools for transforming these emotional wounds that hold us back from fully surrendering and opening to full-bodied ecstatic orgasms and divine connection in lovemaking.

T⌆ntric Shamanic Emotional Body
Clearing & Purification Tools to Return to LOVE

Tools to help deal with triggers and emotional contractions that come up in man/women or same-sɛx couples relating.

You will learn tools to presence the deeper wounds of abandonment, rejection, betrayal, mistrust, and separation which on the deepest level are the wounds that hold us back from deeply opening into the highest possibilities of loving t⌆ntric relating.

How that looks is when, an uncomfortable feeling arises, rather than go into defense, we will practice how to return to vulnerability and hold space for one another to breath and sound to clear the emotions. Feeling all of it till your cells shake it out and space is created for light to enter FULLY.

We will practice how to listen to the voice of truth rather than the voice of the ego-mind, which is fixated on keeping us separate.

Kundalini Dance

Kundalini Activation

Awakening Shakti

We will come together and practice Kundalini Dance – We will explore how to raise sɛxual energy through the body and the chakras to experience profound states of ecstatic reunion with the Divine.

Embodying Sacred Archetypes

Together we will explore teachings, meditations, and sacred embodiment practices to embody the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine archetypes.

Divine Mother :: Divine Father
The Lover
Warrior and Warrioress
Wild Man and Wild Women
Priest and Priestess
King and Queen


This workshop is a journey into embodying t⌆ntric energy practices. We will be exploring white t⌆ntra practices, inner union so that we can come together in union with our beloveds in our own time in our own private space. There will be no nudity or direct sɛxual contact.

Tantric Relating - Evolve Your Sexuality - Online 2020

About Your Guide

Leyolah Antara

Tantric Relating - Evolve Your Sexuality - Online 2020

Leyolah Antara is a lineage keeper of the Ancient T⌆ntric Alchemical Healing Arts and High Priestess of Isis Magdalene. She is a master ecstatic alchemist and transformational guide. She has created Kundalini Dance, an Embodied Alchemical Healing Practice over the past 30 years. Leyolah has published a book and has trained over 200 facilitators worldwide.

Leyolah has created a vast body of work which she shares through her school, The T⌆ntric Rose Mystery School where she offers Initiatory Training Programmes and retreats and workshops in Ecstatic Kundalini Dance, Sacred Sɛxuality, Sacred Union, Egyptian High T⌆ntric Alchemy and Shamanic Healing Arts.

Leyolah has a gift to help activate the shakti in both men and women so that they can experience more radical aliveness and ecstatic life force flowing through their body.

She offers practical embodied practices to use in your everyday life, both to heighten your intimate life and live in higher states of consciousness and connection with your soul.

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