Temple of Isis - 21 Day Immersion

This is a call, dear sisters, to come closer to entering the mystery teachings of Isis with me.

Isis is calling us to come closer to her mysteries and to come closer into connection with her and to strengthening our temple here through more deeply embodying her presence into our sacred lives.

The transmissions with Isis will activate the latent soul codes, taking us deeper into the renewal of the womb mysteries, the evolutionary teachings of sacred sensuality and alchemical healing. Isis is our Holy Mother, she is nothing less than the embodied manifestation of LOVE here to guide us into the profound transformation that occurs through our ecstatically awakened hearts and wombs.

As Isis is an earthly Goddess, the teachings embedded in her myths and stories stories weave through the lives of every women. She informs how we mother, how we parent, how we partner and how we priestess. She is a master healer and within her teachings lay the keys of alchemical transformational.

A 21 day series of daily emails, with rituals, meditations, visualisations, shamanic journeys and sacred alchemical healing practices, for you to deepen your connection with Isis and the Egyptian allies and compassionate wise guides Anubis and Thoth that are working with her to support us in our accelerated evolution and growth at this time.

Our journey with Isis is a shamanic journey inviting death of the old, renewal of the body and ecstatic rebirth of the soul. Opening in deeper devotion to receive her holding power of love. We are never alone.

Calling a gathering of the priestess’ to come together, to hear each others voices, to feel each others hearts. Let’s gather for our own healing activation and remembrance. Let’s gather in ceremony to do collective healing for the all beings and our planet earth.

We are opening the gates to our Temple of Isis – 21 day Online Immersion. For a shamanic journey of death, rebirth and resurrection. For personal and collective healing.

We start this new moon, Chinese New Year.

If you are called please join us.

Click on the event page to learn more and register.


Blessings and peace,

Leyolah Antara

Photography and ceremony in banner photograph by:
The Visionary Art of Chanel Baran – www.chanelbaran.com
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