Temple of Sekhmet ~ Alchemizing Emotions
Temple of Sekhmet ~ Alchemizing Emotions

Transformation ▽ Liberation ▽ Courage

A Four Week Online Immersion
with Leyolah Antara

April 28 – May 19

This is an invitation to come and embody the wild and fierce YET deeply loving current of Shakti that is GODDESS SEKHMET. She is an alchemical current of Shakti that teaches us how to alchemise emotions.

Sekhmet is a fierce compassionate and an ALL loving Divine Dark Mother, who does not judge us, but brings us the courage to move towards the emotions we have suppressed or denied. She guides to move towards our sadness, or grief, or our anger as an alchemical wave of energy, feeling it to fully transmute it on a deep cellular level.

To Embody the Dark Goddess

is to surrender open to a luminous river of love.

The ancients and those devoted to her know her as “ the sweetest of mothers” 

In her fierce and loving compassionate grace

She reveals to us where we are holding on to patterns that keep us locked in the limitations of the small self.  

She wants nothing less than for you to shine in your magnificence.

Enter into her dark river and return to the ocean.

If you surrender to her grace she will liberate you from the fears that have been constricting your consciousness.

She invites us to call all aspects of ourselves home to her love.

No pushing, no rejecting, what is there. 

But meeting ourselves as we are and

Embracing all in love

Learn How To

Alchemise your anger and transform it to sacred rage

☥ Awaken eros and a deep river of transformation

☥ Loosen the shackles that have kept your shakti power locked

☥ Activate the love and radiance of your pure soul essence

Temple of Sekhmet ~ Alchemizing Emotions

Sekhmet – Artist Kat Lunoe Art

Sacred Rage

Embody your True Power

I have been holding Sekhmet immersions yearly now, for the last seven years.

This year Sekhmet is calling us to go deeper.

To move towards our anger and ride the alchemical wave that transforms it from a force of destruction to a sword of truth

we call SACRED RAGE.


As woman anger has been culturally shamed for so long.

When she initially lets the lid off, it can come out in it’s immature expression. She could be seen ranting, ripping her partner to shreds saying all the things she never said or screaming at our children, not really desirable.

This is not encouraged.

When we work with the dark goddess, we offer sacred practices to let out off the steam of the suppressed anger. Initially all the residue of the immature expressions can come out, and its important to love embrace and witness those places.

A women needs to let out her roar and then once that initial rage has been expressed, then, your inner wild woman can mature. 

As once she is given permission, and she runs the crazy energy, she matures, and we feel something VERY DIFFERENT, then, we feel the deeply embodied radiant power of the Dark Goddess. 

Anger takes power, sacred rage is aligned to true power.

Sacred Rage comes from a still center.

It is sourced in divine LOVE and divine TRUTH.


Temple of Sekhmet ~ Alchemizing Emotions
Temple of Sekhmet ~ Alchemizing Emotions

What You Will


4 x Weeks of Sacred Online Immersion with Leyolah

Week One : April 28 ~ Opening Ceremony Live Transmission on zoom (9am Sydney AEST)

Week Two : May 5 ~ Audio or Video Transmission to your inbox

Week Three : May 12 ~ Ceremony Live Transmission on zoom (7:30am Sydney AEST)

Week Four : May 19 ~ Audio or Video Transmission to your inbox

1 x Altar Card & Sacred Invocation

The Dark Goddess


When the Dark Goddess becomes activated in a women she becomes more connected to her deep instinctual power, she follows her gut, her impulses.

She empowers her authentic voice and speaks to what is not right, she is a voice of truth for what is good and righteous.

A Woman who has integrated her Dark Goddess no longer needs to be liked, she no longer needs approval or permission from others to express herself, she has reclaimed her inner authority.

She is no longer attached to the conditional confines of her culture, she becomes a universal citizen, aligned to divine laws of love. 

The Dark Goddess is calling you closer sister, what risks would you take to come closer to live the life of your souls destiny?
What emotion would you allow yourself to feel?
What truth would you express ? 

What secret part of you would you reveal? 

 If you let the voice of the Dark Goddess free what wisdom would she speak to thee?

Let her liberate your soul.

Temple of Sekhmet ~ Alchemizing Emotions
Temple of Sekhmet ~ Alchemizing Emotions

What the Women are Saying…

Temple of Sekhmet ~ Alchemizing Emotions


Leyolah’s loving, very present and authentic leadership in a one-on-one setting (as well as in various group programs and ceremonies that I’ve been in with her) helped me move into deep old places of wounding, clear them from my body and energy field, and move into a lighter, more hopeful and empowered place. One of her gifts–for which I’m so grateful–is this profound vision and intuitive knowledge of what we as women, have been holding.  She sees and knows how to help clear the layers of repressions and shackles–from this life, past lives and the collective.

Temple of Sekhmet ~ Alchemizing Emotions


Leyolah is the real deal. She is a master tantric priestess of the highest order. Her radically loving and passionate approach to spirituality offers a clear roadmap for collective healing and evolution – a precious gift for these times. Through Leyolah’s programs, I was able to release a massive amount of energetic weight, heal past wounds and unlock my channeling abilities. I have remembered my sacred purpose as a modern priestess and have ignited my inner fire as an unstoppable force for LOVE. Thank you so much Leyolah!

Temple of Sekhmet ~ Alchemizing Emotions


The processes and ceremonies that Leyolah guided us through were amazing and deep. I felt such a deep connection to and holding by the Dark Mother as I released underlying trauma and was able to come to a place of forgiveness. The process has been transformational and 5 weeks on, I still feel strongly guided by the Divine and I have taken many steps towards transforming my life. Thank you Leyolah for creating this opportunity, which has allowed me to be a more authentic expression of my divine Self.

About Your Guide

Leyolah Antara

Temple of Sekhmet ~ Alchemizing Emotions

Leyolah Antara is a best-selling author, spiritual guide and  high priestess of the Isis Magdalene Rose Lineage. She is a master ecstatic alchemist and transformational guide specializing in embodied transformation.

She has created and taught the Kundalini Dance Alchemical Healing Practice for the past 33 years, having trained over 220 + active teachers in the work. She is also the founder of The Tantric Rose Mystery School where she offers programs to empower woman into the expression of their most authentic self in their creative life and in their intimate relationships.

Leyolah has her home, temple and garden sanctuary in Northern NSW, Australia, where she lives with her beloved partner and daughter. She is currently writing her second book to empower women to live soulful lives. She is compassionate guide with a depth of wisdom that comes from being connected to soma and over 30 years of holding space for deep transformation for groups all over the world.

Temple of Sekhmet ~ Alchemizing Emotions

Sekhmet Is Calling You To

Alchemize your Emotions

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Payment Plan available: 2 x fortnightly payments

Temple of Sekhmet ~ Alchemizing Emotions

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