The Alchemical Dance Priestess

I have been aware of a new archetype emerging in me and the women I work with. I have come to call her the Alchemical Dance Priestess.

She has reclaimed her knowing of the art of transformational alchemy. She is remembering how to shift her intense emotions, she is remembering how to liberate herself from the fears of her small self and she is embodying the light of her soul

The dance of the alchemical priestess is sensual, erotic wild and uncensored. She has one primary focus and that is her union with the Beloved Divine.

She dances to embody love, she dances to break her heart open. She dances to dissolve in the ocean of ecstasy.

Embodying the Alchemical Dance Priestess is an invitation to sensually embody the true source of your sacred feminine power, wisdom and love. This is an invitation for you to learn the ancient art of transformational alchemy in a fun and contemporary way.

When you master these alchemical keys, you will have a spiritual practice that will energise you when you are exhausted and support you to regain clarity when you have lost focus. Once you have completed the chakra alchemy series you will have embodied a practice that you can turn to when you need to shift intense emotions and will keep you creatively juicy and inspired to live an ecstatic life on sacred purpose.

The next step in the Alchemical Priestess Training is the Chakra Alchemy Series. This series, offers an upgrade on every level of your life, from your relationship to your body, health,  finances, your sexuality, your creativity, your confidence, your intimate relationships, your vocation, your communication, your intuition and your connection to the Divinity. We will heal our hearts and cleanse our bodies, and enter into deep devotional practice with Divine Feminine and the Divine Masculine.