Temple of the Rose Presents

Wild Compassionate Relating

Evolving Through the fire of Holy Love

Facilitated by Ori Lightning & Leyolah Antara


Wild Compassionate Relating

Evolving through the Fire of Holy Love

Rose Dome Temple, Byron Hinterland
May 13 & 14, 2023

2 Day Residential Workshop for singles and couples
with tantric wisdom teachers Leyolah Antara and Ori Lightning

Inviting both couples and singles for a weekend of sacred practice, to rediscover the Joys of intimacy through the crucible of trust and vulnerability. Explore how to hold space for one another when challenges arise and open through contracted emotions into the pure aliveness of eros.

Ori and Leyolah are passionate about supporting men and women to come into a deeper understanding, curiosity and peace with one another. Co creating a field of deep presence and sacred union.


Our intimate relationships offer us such huge opportunities for ecstatic bliss, sensual pleasure, joy, and deep connection as well as being incredible catalysts for spiritual growth.

All too often we run away or shut down when we are triggered in our deeper wounds with our partners. Moving onto the next one, only to experience the same patterns arising again and again. Often we miss great opportunities for soul growth because we don’t have the tools to navigate the emotional triggers that arise.

In our Wild Compassionate Relating Workshop, we will explore how to sit in the fire of our triggers and emotional shut down that return us to connection, understanding and erotic aliveness.


Wild Compassionate Relating - Evolving through the Fire of Holy Love - Rose Dome Temple


 Between Men and Women

Sexual energy is a very powerful transformational and evolutionary energy, yet we often do not know how to harness its power and it can end up leading us into drama rather than helping us shift our karma, align to creation and evolve our consciousness, which is what our sexual energy is truly designed for.

Sexual energy or Eros is the most potent, alive, ecstatic energy in the human body, pure creative life force. Its foundational purpose is for procreation AND when harnessed can help us transform what has been lead to gold.


For many years, I, Leyolah, have been primarily working on teaching sacred sexuality and tantric embodiment to women. Supporting women to awaken shakti and harness their sexual power as creative, evolutionary energy, so that we can live on purpose and relate to our beloved partners as a whole, empowered, sovereign ecstatic beings.

 It feels like the time has come for the women and men to come together into the temple to expand our emotional intelligence, so we can return to the depth of intimacy. andconnection we desire with one another.

Build Trust

Between Men & Women

This is an invitation to come together to heal the core wounds of separation between the masculine and the feminine, both human and Divine.
To bring our men back home to the Goddess and awaken the Divine Feminine within them, so they too may embody the ecstasy of Shakti Kundalini moving through their bodies.

We open ourselves to receive transmissions from our men, to align our women with the Divine Masculine so that we may align to higher mind and receive whatever we need to return to balance.

There are transmissions we need to offer one another, so let’s come together in sacred temple space devoted to re – union of God – Goddess within, so that men and women may awaken together.

Wild Compassionate Relating - Evolving through the Fire of Holy Love - Rose Dome Temple

Tools for Sacred

Re – Union 

It’s quite heroic act of standing in one anothers radiance while vulnerably allowing all else to be seen and dissolved .

To Radiantly stand in Self Compassion vulnerably allowing all shadows to come and be seen for a last dance, while Being Seen by another vulnerably holding their Radiance in that same field of Self Compassion

We will:

Co create a heroic crucible for wild compassionate relating 

Learn to Be the Presence of Wild Compassionate Love for your Lovers most raw and vulnerable shares

Build a Cauldron of Wild Compassionate Love

Learn to breathe the Light of Spirit through anything that gets whirled up in such a Crucible 

How to vulnerably Own our shit in a Safe container

Re-negotiate your commitments to Lover and Self in authentic ways

Seei One another through Compassionate Eyes in our most raw and vulnerable moments (when the shit hits the fan/where the rubber hits the road)

Learn to listen with playfull curiosity so One can feel heard.


The Way Of Love

We are inviting you to join us to come together, to share some powerful tools for transforming these emotional wounds that hold us back from fully surrendering and opening to deeper levels of love and eros.

Wild Compassionate Relating - Evolving through the Fire of Holy Love - Rose Dome Temple

Tantric Shamanic

Emotional Body Clearing and Purification
Tools to Return to LOVE

Tools to help deal with triggers and emotional contractions that come up in man/women or same-sex couples relating.

You will learn tools to presence the deeper wounds of abandonment, rejection, betrayal, mistrust, and separation which on the deepest level are the wounds that hold us back from deeply opening into the highest possibilities of loving tantric relating.

How that looks is when, an uncomfortable feeling arises, rather than go into defense, we will practice how to return to vulnerability and hold space for one another to breath and sound to clear the emotions. Feeling all of it till your cells shake it out and space is created for light to enter FULLY.

We will practice how to listen to the voice of truth rather than the voice of the ego-mind, which is fixated on keeping us separate.

About Your Guides

Leyolah Antara

Leyolah Antara is a lineage keeper of the Ancient Tantric Alchemical Healing Arts and High Priestess of Isis Magdalene. She is a master ecstatic alchemist and transformational guide. She has created Kundalini Dance, an Embodied Alchemical Healing Practice over the past 30 years. Leyolah has published a book and has trained over 200 facilitators worldwide.

Leyolah has created a vast body of work which she shares through her school, The Tantric Rose Mystery School where she offers Initiatory Training Programmes and retreats and workshops in Ecstatic Kundalini Dance, Sacred Sexuality, Sacred Union, Egyptian High Tantric Alchemy and Shamanic Healing Arts.

Leyolah has a gift to help activate the shakti in both men and women so that they can experience more radical aliveness and ecstatic life force flowing through their body. She offers practical embodied practices to use in your everyday life, both to heighten your intimate life and live in higher states of consciousness and connection with your soul.

Leyolah Antara
Wild Compassionate Relating - Evolving through the Fire of Holy Love - Rose Dome Temple

Ori Lightning

At the height of my material, professional and artistic success, a dark night of the soul announced itself that lasted three years everything closed down, went dark

Even my singing voice was taken, couldn’t sing a note and could not receive anything.

In the depths of despair I looked up to call on a God I didn’t even believe existed and cried out;

“If this is it, I don’t want it, take everything, there has to be another way …”

That was Heard.

I knew I needed help from a true Master I needed a tradition, my tradition, no more spiritual window shopping. I asked inside who would I trust and whadaya know Jesus showed up. Whom truth be told i would indeed trust, not the church’s representation but Him HimSelf Yess, so from there my true Journey began …

My journey with Him lead me into a deep dive into his modern day teachings, after a year of a Course in Miracles a 6 year journey into the Way of Mastery vortex began, in which   first of all i was to heal my relation with the feminine, inside and out.

I was blessed with a few miraculous encounters with high priestesses of the Rose Lineage to step into short but powerful containers to allow deep alchemy to occur in the space of intimate relating.  All to prepare me for a deep initiatory three year journey with the feminine Christ Masters through the Sophia Code.

While all this was occurring I had build the Dragon Heart Temple above my studio where i did sessions with people from all walks of life.  Yeshua had blessed me with a remembrance of a way to chant the Lords Prayer in its original Sound codes of the Aramaic language in 2013.

There were weekly Sound Circles in the Dragon Heart Temple anchoring the Light of remembrance into All who joined.

After my Initial seven weeks initiation with the Feminine Masters in 2016 on Christmas day He blessed me with a Christ mantra to unify all traditions and in 2019 with an Energetic Symbol to represent that Unified Field of Christ, which will ‘as he’s assured me’ in time, replace the elongated cross as the new emblem for Christ Consciousness in all of its manifestations.

Through these many years of deep initiation where I just kept following his invitation into more of what I did not yet Know. Where i indeed surrendered all I had promised God could take.

Including name, fame, profession, house, country, relationships, security of a wealth of steady income and in the end even the physical temple that had been build…

Yet All that was promised, was Given.

A Rock Solid Loyalty to Truth and how to Compassionately hold that Space for others emerged as the very Presence of my Being that is Experienced Now.

Where Truth and Compassion walk hand in hand Love Reigns Supreme.

Where tears, anger and laughter converge Great Healing is Inevitable.

 Where Breath, Presence and Sensations gather Alchemy occurs

Wild Compassionate Relating - Evolving through the Fire of Holy Love - Rose Dome Temple

Booking Information

Wild Compassionate Realting


Please note: Price includes lunch both days and dinner on Saturday night.
Communal style accommodation can be provided for those who need it.
For those needing accomodation please reach out to Leyolah directly.

Singles Price

$440.00 AUD

Limited number

Couples Price

$693.00 AUD

Limited number – for you and your partner

Please Contact Leyolah Antara with any questions
0409 22 67 37

Wild Compassionate Relating - Evolving through the Fire of Holy Love - Rose Dome Temple

Accomodation and Food

Wild Compassionate Relating

We are offering accomodation for those who will travel long distances to attend.
There is both communal and private accomodation options available. This will be extra cost.
Please contact Leyolah directly for more information.

Airport pick up is also available. Nearest airport is Ballina, or Gold Coast.

Food: We will provide nourishing lunch for everyone included in tuition feel.

We will also provide super yummy healthy breakfast and dinner for those who are staying.
Extra charges apply.


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