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with Leyolah Antara and Kiya Ankara

for Men and Women, Couples and Singles
Beginning Sept 28th – Oct 19th

Do you sense you could go deeper and rise higher in your relationships? Are you aware of your erotic energy as a force of awakening?

For those in partnership – is your relationship a sacred container for spiritual growth? Is your lovemaking activating an ecstatic force of transformation within you? Is it opening up vast creative potentials inside of you? Is your partnership full of love or struggle?

Perhaps it’s time for an upgrade… into the next-level of sacred union.

If you are single, do you ever yearn to go deeper within yourself or with your friends and close ones? Are you ready to call in a new relationship with a beloved? One you can truly go to heart-opened depths with? With whom you could rise to the very heights that two humans can reach?

Come with us into the Magdalena Tantric Mysteries to discover whole new levels of possibility. 

Welcome To

We are excited to share about our upcoming Wild Holy Lovers Online Immersion with you. Imagine 22 days immersed in sacred practices you can do solo or with a beloved. Practices that take you on a journey to embody and integrate new energy pathways inside you, practices will awaken your hearts intelligence and that take you and your relationships to the next level.

Over 22 days we will explore the Red Rose Path of Sacred Union, guided by Mary Magdalene and her divine counterpart Yeshua.

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Mary Magdalene is an ascended master teacher who fully realised the art of sacred union in her lifetime. She is here to guide us into the full potential of our erotic relationships as sacred crucibles for spiritual awakening. When she joins with Yeshua on the inner planes, they help create a profound opportunity for us to heal the wounds of love, so we can truly move to the next level of our evolution in our intimate relationships.

Through this co-creation Leyolah and Kiya will guide you on a delicious, sacred journey into the divine, sensual, sexy mystery of our bodies, minds, hearts, temples and souls!

Where will this journey take us?

Day by day we will enter deeper into the Red Rose Path of Sacred Union. Sacred Union within ourselves and with the Divine. Sacred union between you and your beloved partner (if you’re in partnership). Sacred Union between you and your friends of the heart. We’ll teach you how to transform friend-ships into deep and nourishing soul-ships!

There will be space for calling in new beloved partnerships –  the one or ones who can truly meet us on all the levels. Are you ready for that? Because we warn you – it might get Wild and even more Holy!

Are you truly prepared right now for that kind of relationship? Because we may need to do a little inner cleansing of our temples… the temple of our heart, the temple of our womb or hara, the temple of our sexuality, the temple of our mind…

Let’s rise together as a global community, into more and more ever expansive L-O-V-E!

We will share practices that Magdalena and Yeshua once explored. Techniques utilised by Isis Initiates in the Egyptian temples of yesteryear.

Original Art Cheryl Yambrach Rose

When we connect back into these ancient lineages, we also rebirth these teachings into our present time, lived reality. Let us all go deeper – into the lived, felt, and breathed experience. Let’s learn to Live as Love. To live guided by the Red Rose Path, and embody eros as a path to our spiritual awakening and the embodiment of our souls.

Are you ready to rise?

Wild Holy Lovers is an upgrade and an evolution. It will expand you into areas that may be beyond your wildest (& holiest) dreams!

For Individuals

As a solo lover, you will deepen into sacred sovereignty, and find ways to unite with dear friends. You can call in that new partner that can truly meet you as a beloved on all levels.

For Couples

For those in relationship, we will show you ways to deepen that sacred container between the two of you. We’ll also give you the emergency toolkit to navigate all the challenges that can arise between 2 humans!
How do we navigate the triggers that arise whilst at the same time bowing to the Altar of Love? That Altar is the heart – and the hearth – and the very centre of this Sacred Union you are sharing. When you learn how to do the alchemical work both individually and in partnership, then we all – collectively, globally – are able to rise up the ladder of consciousness!

Come rise with us!

Come to immerse into deep embodiment practices that include the wild, holy sexuality that is an intrinsic part of you.

Come to open the petals of your glorious, emotional heart.

If you have heart blockage or numbness – let’s work with the sacred tools to melt the ice and open the heart once again.

For those that resonate with The Rose Path, come deepen and expand more into your Lineage. If you’re just curious if this lineage has anything for you, then come try some shiny new keys, that may unlock the Temple of your Heart, or the Temple of your Relationship(s) with your beloved, or with all the loved ones that surround you.

Enter the 22 Day Crucible

When you join us for these 22 days, you will receive different practices from us every day. If you can join in every day that is fantastic. If you do so, you will have a profound upgrade in your life.

For those too busy with work, life and All the Things… this content will be there for you whenever you might need it. So this is giving you long-term access to a whole set of teachings that will revolutionize your relating over time, going into your future.

If you are curious about whether this is for you, join our free Sacred Union ceremony. That will give you a taste of the journey we are starting on September 28.


Banner Art By Jasmine Rose Branding Studio | Original Art By SheWhoIsArt & Cheryl Yambrach Rose

What You Will Receive

There will be 4 x 2 hour live ceremonies (that will be recorded), over the 22 days, carrying us from start to finish and gathering the entire community together. See below for dates and times.

There will also be daily teachings and practices you can immerse into in your own time, with new content arriving every day, throughout the 22 days.

There will be an online Facebook Group, so you can share your experiences as you grow and expand in this container. Meet others who share your passion or interest in this Rose path.

Receive Daily Emails

Each day you will receive an email featuring a video, a guided audio practice, or presenting other tools and techniques for you to immerse into. We will present new ideas, concepts and teachings, and also guide rituals to help you navigate the glorious realm of sacred relationship in all forms.

You will learn to navigate the beautiful terrain of these fragile, precious human hearts. The one that beats inside of us, and the one beating in our beloved. Hearts that need and yearn to be loved. Hearts that are truly worthy – always – to be loved.

Let’s discover how we can honour the needs of our inner child, and their tender little hearts within. Holding our relationships and ourselves in a field of love and compassion.

Let’s re-perceive how to support the strongest, most courageous warrior or warrioress heart that we also hold and contain within us.

When we’re able to give space to all parts of ourselves, and for the divine, and for the beloved in any form, then we begin to Rise to the next-levels of what it is to be in Sacred Union, with All of Life.

Come be Wild with us, Come be Holy with us,

& Come be Lovers of the Wild Divine!

Course Structure


Red Rose

Sovereign Communion

Sept 28
Opening Ceremony Zoom Session

What's Included
During week one offering you energetic and somatic practices to ::

  • Return the soul back home to the body
  • Release attachments to past partners
  • Reclaim Eros as a force of awakening
  • Activate the Soul Fire
  • Align to Sexual Sovereignty
  • Learn the Foundations of Healthy Relating
Check Your Time Zone

Wednesday September 28 – 4:30 pm AEST ( Sydney )
Wednesday September 28 – 2:30 pm WITA ( Bali )
Wednesday September 28 – 7:30 am BST ( London )
Wednesday September 28 – 2:30 am EDT ( Toronto/NewYork )
Tuesday September 27 – 11:30 pm PDT ( Vancouver/LosAngeles )

( will be recorded )


White Rose

Healing the Wounds of Love

Oct 3
Live Stream

What's Included
During week two offering energetic and somatic practices to ::

  • Heal the heart from past hurts, grief, sadness or aloneness
  • Heal dysfunctional masculine-feminine dynamics
  • Journey through a Forgiveness Ceremony to release wounds from past relationships
  • Dissolve barriers to LOVE
  • Soften and open the Beloved Heart
  • Adoration ceremony for self-love, or loving up your partner.
  • Sekhem Kundalini Chakra Purification
  • Embody sacred tools for release
  • Learn ways to clearly communicate and navigate with others
Check Your Time Zone

Monday October 3 – 10:30 am AEDT ( Sydney )
Monday October 3 – 7:30 am WITA ( Bali )
Monday October 3 – 12:30 am BST ( London )
Sunday October 2 – 7:30 pm EDT ( Toronto/NewYork )
Sunday October 2 – 4:30 pm PDT ( Vancouver/LosAngeles )

( will be recorded )


Gold Rose

Tantric Alchemy

Oct 10 ~ Full Moon
Live Stream

What's Included
During week three we will offer you somatic and energetic practices to ::

  • Open new Egyptian Tantric pathways in the body
  • Awaken your divine human potential
  • Embody the Sacred Inner Marriage
  • Ignite the Twin Flame Body-Soul Re-union
  • ‘Awaken the Snakes’ Sekhem activation
  • Chakra Looping Practices for couples or solo
  • Ankh Breathing Practices for couples or individuals
  • Crowning the King and the Queen
Check Your Time Zone

Monday October 10 – 10:30 am AEDT ( Sydney )
Monday October 10 – 7:30 am WITA ( Bali )
Monday October 10 – 12:30 am BST ( London )
Sunday October 9 – 7:30 pm EDT ( Toronto/NewYork )
Sunday October 9 – 4:30 pm PDT ( Vancouver/LosAngeles )

( will be recorded )

Closing Ceremony

Wednesday October 19 – 4:30 pm AEDT ( Sydney )
Wednesday October 19 – 1:30 pm WITA ( Bali )
Wednesday October 19 – 6:30 am BST ( London )
Wednesday October 19 – 1:30 am EDT ( Toronto/NewYork )
Tuesday October 18 – 10:30 pm PDT ( Vancouver/LosAngeles )

( will be recorded )


Banner Art By Jasmine Rose Branding Studio | Original Art By Autumn Skye Art

Your Wild Holy Guides

This is the coming together of two schools: it features the body of work that Leyolah Antara has been bringing through for 33 + years through the Temple of Isis Mystery School. In this new offering she is co-creating and co-weaving with Kiya Ankara’s Mystika School teachings, based on Kiya’s 15 years of spiritual teaching. Kiya recently published his book Egyptian Tantric Secrets, which he received through initiations and downloads from Goddess Isis. In the book Isis shares Egyptian Tantric practices for awakening for both singles and couples.

Leyolah Antara

Leyolah Antara is a best selling author, spiritual guide and  high priestess of the Isis Magdalene Rose Lineage. She is a master ecstatic alchemist and transformational guide specializing in embodied transformation.

She has created and taught the Kundalini Dance Alchemical Healing Practice for the past 33 years. Leyolah offers Priestess Initiation Training retreats and online programs in Ecstatic Kundalini Dance, Sacred Union, Sovereignty,  Alchemical Healing, Egyptian Mysteries and Archetypal Immersions and Soul Embodiment.

She lives in Northern NSW, Australia and is currently writing her next book to empower women to live soulful lives. She is compassionate guide and has a depth of wisdom that comes from over 30 years of holding space for deep transformation.

Kiya Ankara

Kiya has been offering ecstatic trance dance, breathwork, and tantra for 14 years. 2 years ago he was electrocuted and almost died. This led, unexpectedly, to him connecting and communicating deeply with Goddess Isis, and downloading a book of knowledge from her in 9 days.

This year he published that book ‘Egyptian Tantric Secrets’ which best-selling author and tantra teacher Margot Anand called a ‘must read’. He now shares Egyptian Tantra and Isis Initiations through workshops and one-to-one sessions.


Early Bird

For Individuals or Couples (1 email only)
Pay before September 27th


*Payment Plan Available*


For Individuals or Couples (1 email only)


*Payment Plan Available*


For sovereign Couples (includes 2 email address and 2 course portals for lifetime material)


*Payment Plan Available*


Private One To One Sessions

Kiya and Leyolah are offering private sessions for Individuals who would like to be held in a sacred container. These sessions include guidance, and support to move through deeper emotional patterns that are holding you back from experiencing and deepening in love.

$777  (includes course PLUS one private session with Leyolah and one with Kiya)

For any questions please reach out to either or


Private Sessions for Couples

Kiya and Leyolah are offering private sessions for Couples who would like to be held in a sacred container together. These sessions include guidance, and support to move through deeper emotional patterns that are holding you back from experiencing and deepening in love.

$997  (includes course PLUS one couples private session with Leyolah and one with Kiya)

For any questions please reach out to either or


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