The Temple of Isis Mystery School


Priestess of The Goddess

Wounded Healer to Sassy Priestess Queen
Sacred Initiation Programme


Priestess of the Goddess Initiation

Shift from Wounded Healer to Sassy Priestess Queen

with Leyolah Antara

22 Days of LIVE Initiations with Leyolah Antara
(22nd November – 13th December)
44 Days of Ongoing Priestess Power Integration
(14th December – 26th January)

A Sacred Feminine Initiation to embody the vibrational signature of the Goddess’ Hathor who is Fierce Grace, her initiation is a great softening, Sekhmet who is Fierce Love, She is Divine Mother Protectress of your pure soul & Mary Magdalene, Tantric Alchemical Priestess of Isis. Embody this sacred trinity of the Goddess to illuminate your voice, reclaim your worth, activate your abundance codes and step confidently into your power as a sassy Priestess for the Divine Feminine and take your role in this sacred revolution to bring balance once again to the earth.

The Sassy Goddess Queen Hathor is calling her priestess’s back into a sacred movement initiation to open your shakti channel to receive alchemical healing and transformation to support you to rise out of the self – doubt and lack of self worth that causes you stifle your creativity, undervalue your worth, undercharge for your sacred work, and hold back expressing your intuitive wisdom and knowing.

It is time to unlock the shackles that have kept your SHAKTI POWER locked down and unleash her luminous light and RIDE her STREAM of Creation as a living act of celebration and JOY.

Enter her stream of abundance.

Enough Lack and Fear the GODDESS Hathor is hear to support you to open into the flow of her graceful stream of abundance.

She calls to to claim your pussy power and purr yourself into orgasmic bliss .

Embody her and feel your inner sensual feline re align your sexual innocense.

Magnetise from the stream of creation.


Hathor, Sekhmet and Mary Magdalene are a powerful trinity of Divine Feminine MOJO that are here to support you to RISE and SHINE as the DIVINE priestess empress that you are. NO MORE staying small to be liked and be safe.

You are SAFE.


Incredible Value
Powerful Transformation!!!


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From Wounded Healer to Sassy Priestess Queen

Rise, Priestess, Rise!

I get it, it has been scary, there are old vows of poverty and locks on our deep feminine shakti power that have kept us safe. Those locks have been around our pelvis, and our throat chakra. They have caused us to hold our breath, stifle and suppress your hearts voice and remain contracted in fear.

Whilst in Egypt I was given a series of profound initiations to offer to those women and men who have ancient links to the Goddess and are ready to release those shackles and locks..

Since integrating my initiations, the map to transformation has been given so that i can pass this on to others. I have been clearly guided that it needs to be given in a specific sealed healing container with others who have carried the same priestess wounds.

If you are done with running on a low lying terror every time that you step into offering your gifts, sharing your work, or asking for money as a healer, then please enter the Temple.

This series of initiations will support you to ACTIVATE your juicy divine creative mojo and open to more abundance and prosperity in your life.

Hathor guides us towards the expression of that which brings you JOY, as it is in the embodiment of your JOY that you can heal the world one person at a time.

Enter the Temple of the Goddess to receive the karmic balancing, healing and initiations to become a much needed voice, and vessel of divine feminine energy and wisdom for you to come forward and take your role in this sacred revolution to bring balance once again to the earth.

Priestess of the Goddess Initiation - With Hathor

I Am Ready

To Embody My Role in This Sacred Revolution

Initiation #1

Cultivate Your Soft SHAKTI Power

Enter the Temple of Hathor / Sekhmet to nourish your deep feminine creative essence

During Week One, Hathor will guide us how to create from our most juicy feminine mojo, when we are juicy, turned on and energised, we create a life where we thrive.

Hathor leads us through the gateway of our sacred sensual bodies to receive deep nourishment. In our erotic embodiment practices we will enter the stream of the Goddess Hathor’s, Divine Feminine, vibrational signature, as we embody her she gifts us with her GRACE and leads us into the soft, sensual, spacious feminine power that inspires us to express our unique creativity.

Hathor Sekhmet will support us to lift and shift the shackles that have kept our sexual power locked down in shame. Releasing stagnation and activating your ecstatic sensual vibration.

Sensualise | Nourish your deep feminine essence
Shift the Shame | Energise | Create

Priestess of the Goddess Initiation - With Hathor

Initiation #2

Activate your Abundance Codes

Move from scarcity and lack to abundance

If you have ever struggled with money, and would like to focus on shifting some limiting beliefs about receiving and creating abundance, we open these pathways in Week Two. Through offering sacred work enter the Temple of Hathor and remember the sacred power of money and receive karmic healing to open yourself to living the financially prosperous life that you truly deserve.

In the 11th month of November Goddess Hathor’s Manifestation Gateway opens. Goddess Hathor is coming closer at this time to help you to birth the new most magnificent versions of your sacred, abundant, creative, love filled, joyfilled magnificent life.

Remember | Open manifestation gateways
Clear pathways | Find Joy | Birth You

Priestess of the Goddess Initiation - With Hathor

Initiation #3

Reclaim the Power of your Voice

Discover the unlimited power of your voice to manifest your best life

Collectively it is time. To Rise and reclaim the power of our voices as instruments for divine feminine consciousness.

During Week Three, the Goddess’ Hathor, Sekhmet and Mary Magdalene will guide you to discover the unlimited power of your voice to act as a sovereign transmitter of DIVINE FEMININE WISDOM and LOVE.

Hathor and Horus offers initiations into new sacred practices for awakening your throat chakra, so that you can more fully express your souls sacred purpose and fulfill your soul’s legacy of love.

As we activate the throat chakra we remember our worth, to value our gifts remember our divine birthright to receive abundance from expressing that which brings us JOY.

She calls us to consecrate our throat chakra as vessels for the Higher Self so that we can step into our power as sovereign creators of our own realities through the power of our words and right speech.

Activate | Consecrate | Liberate
Unlock karmic knots | Heal | Seal in the NEW

Priestess of the Goddess Initiation - With Hathor

I Am Ready

To Stand in My Sacred Power


Of This Initiation

☥ Unlocking any energetic shackles that have kept your divine feminine power locked down

☥ Freeing your deep feminine creative essence

☥ Rising into your feminine radiance and shine

☥ Soften into your beautiful sensual body

☥ Receive the transmission of Sacred Rites to inspire you to take care of yourself and nurture and rejuvenate your body and soul

☥ Activating your throat chakra, to FREE your voice and regain courage

☥ Stepping confidently into yourself as a voice for the deep feminine

☥ Activate Abundance Codes to open to receive more money flow.

☥ Manifesting your highest visions for your life into reality through the power of voice and thoughts

Priestess of the Goddess Initiation - With Hathor

I Am Ready

To Honour the Sacred Calling of My Purpose

What You Receive

In This Initiation

☥ 22 x Divinely channeled leading-edge Divine Feminine Initiations and Practices from Leyolah. This is all entirely new course content inspired by Leyolah’s recent journey in Sacred Egypt in video, audio and PDF format.

☥ Initiations, Inspirations Emailed to You Daily to keep you on track and raising your vibration

☥ Life Time Access to a Beautifully Designed Course Portal with all Course Content Uploaded as we go.

☥ Capacity to Download ALL course content to revisit offline at anytime in the future

☥ 3 x LIVE Group Initiation Calls 90 minutes with Leyolah (Recorded)

☥ Access to Priestess Power VIP GROUP for duration of the journey.

Priestess of the Goddess Initiation - With Hathor

Sacred Initiations Include

☥ Guided Meditation Initiations to activate your divine priestess power.

☥ Shamanic Journeys to Recollect and Remember your Souls Promise.

☥ Channeled Invocations, Prayers to the Goddess

☥  Ecstatic Alchemical Energy Practices to lift your vibration to create the new you.

☥ Journey Music to Celebrate your life

Live Ceremonial Webinars

Full Moon, November 23rd
Saturday the 1st December
Saturday the 8th December

All live sessions times and the recordings will be sent you to via email

I Am Ready

To For the Next Level of My Initiations

Priestess of the Goddess Initiation - With Hathor

How the Programme Works

Initial Immersion

22 Days of LIVE Initiations with Leyolah Antara (22nd November – 13th December)

Ongoing Journey

44 Days of Ongoing Priestess Power Integration (14th December – 26th January)

Once you have received the activation codes through the LIVE initiations, you will have access to work with these potent materials through a process of self initiation with the course materials inside the online course portal and supported by the sisterhood in our VIP Priestess Power FB Group for 44 Days You will receive transmissions and initiations through an initial deep 22 day immersion to bring you closer to Goddess Hathor and Mary Magdalene as guides for your empowerment. You will then be supported, through the powerful practices, your devotion, dedication and the support of the sisterhood through self initiation, to integrate these new ways of being as you stand in the power of your sassy priestess queen. When we are opening to a new vibrational signature we need to activate the codes in our being as an ongoing practice in order to This series of initiations will allow you to unleash your sacred work, shift karmic fears of being persecuted, judged or even killed for stepping into your power and speak and rise into divine feminine leadership. Your voice needs to come alive again. The intuitive voice of the divine feminine has been belittled in our culture. It is our time to RISE and be heard.

Priestess of the Goddess Initiation - With Hathor

You Deserve Abundance, Joy and Fulfillment in Love & Life

Evolutionary Sisterhood

You will be invited to join our VIP private Priestess Power group where we meet in a shared dedication to evolutionary sisterhood to calling each other out to rise. We hold space for each other to be raw vulnerable and real and we We hold ourselves and each other when we fall, we come out of competition and struggle, returning to the grace of the Divine Mother and co-creating a mutual field of care and support.

Priestess of the Goddess Initiation - With Hathor

About Leyolah

Leyolah Antara is a lineage keeper of the ancient Egyptian Mysteries. She is a master ecstatic alchemist and transformational guide. She has created Kundalini Dance Alchemical Healing Practice over the past 30 years. Leyolah offers Priestess / Priest Initiation Training retreats and online programmes in Ecstatic Kundalini Dance, Sacred Sexuality, Sacred Union, Egyptian High Tantric Alchemy and Shamanic Healing Arts.

The Priestess/Priest Initiation Programmes are curriculums designed to initiate women and men who are feeling the call to support the rise of feminine consciousness in union with the divine masculine and express their gifts, as teachers, healers, sacred leaders and creatives in service to the awakening of humanity.

Leyolah’s methods are on the leading edge. She transmits ecstatic keys connect you to the divine and transform past patterns that have been holding you back from manifesting your heart’s desires in your intimate relationships & your life purpose. She is compassionate, caring & has a depth of wisdom that comes from over 22 years of holding space for deep transformation.

What Priestess’ Are Saying…

Johnine, Western Australia

Leyolah has shown me the way to understand my own sexual power within as pure, magnetic and a creative life force that can purify and transcend what we carry as a collective consciousness of fear, shame, pain, suppression and wounding liberating into freedom. Her work is presented with deep and inner connection, the moment teachings and transmissions can be felt through time and space. My life has transformed in so many ways, more enriched and there is no doubt as go forth as an Authentic Leader as she is.

Adrienne, USA

Since I’ve worked with Leyolah my world has transformed, a change that is palpable and that my friends are amazed by. The practices she teaches are so potent, I have cleared grief, shame, pain, rejection consciousness – have connected deeply to a constant source of support and love in the Divine Mother, and feel in my daily life uplifted, blissful, sensual and deeply in my body. I have re-connected to my womb and my regular periods have returned. Words don’t do it justice – I truly feel Leyolah is on this Earth to bring women into their true power.

Vireo, Canada

Thanks Leyolah for your powerful sacred work! This course helped me to clear away old fears & mass conscious stuff that was stored in my body! You continue to serve me deeply with your offerings in living more fully as an empowered feminine sensual goddess woman, in ALL areas of my life. As a result of your work Leyolah, I am a better teacher, more confident coach for women, even deeper lover of life, amazing mom and the Divine Feminine with my Beloved! THANKS Leyolah for the powerful sacred healing work you do and offer to serve all women and in turn you serve all of humanity! in deep gratitude

Ruth, Australia

Leyolah’s work is nothing short of soul alchemy. Her lovingly guided journey took me deep into the shame that had blocked me from fully opening to my body. Through a supportive group, I voiced and cleared my shame, the only thing that was truly blocking me from being here and accepting my birthright of wholeness. As the course progressed and I danced as a channel of shakti, I felt my soul enter more into being here. I felt that I could completely own my truth and my purpose. I emerge from the course at one with myself and open in a completely new way to living as a whole, loving, powerful, ecstatic, divine female. This course is one of the greatest gifts I have received in this lifetime and I am grateful.

Enter the Temple

Priestess of the Goddess Initiation

From Wounded Healer to Sassy Priestess Queen

Initiation #1

Cultivate Your Soft SHAKTI Power
Live Webinar and 7 x Initiatory practices – videos, audios and PDF’s
Value: $997

Initiation #2

Activate Your Abundance
Live Webinar and 7 x Initiatory practices – videos, audios and PDF’s
Value: $997

Initiation #3

Reclaim The Power of Your Voice
Live Webinar and 7 x Initiatory practices – videos, audios and PDF’s
Value: $997


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Priestess of the Goddess Initiation - With Hathor

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$497 Closed


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