Red Rose R-Evolution - An Initiation with Mary Magdalene

We are in great times of change.

We can no longer keep doing things the way we used to or pretend things are going to go “back to normal”.

A new normal is upon us and the wisdom of the deep feminine is needed to guide this ship of souls in the right direction.

We are being called to re-invent how we show up in life and how we can contribute to this beautiful new earth that is ready to birth through.

Red Rose R-Evolution - An Initiation with Mary Magdalene


This is not a time to be silent.

This is not a time to play small or doubt your intuition.

The SOFT POWER of the Wild Feminine is needed to strengthen within us.

Together let’s lift the cloak of shame that has kept us disconnected from our intuitive voice and the deep feminine hushed.

Together we gather each week to cleanse, purify, renew and re-encode our wombs, clear our THROAT CHAKRAS and to Heal and Awaken the FEMININE SOUL on this planet once again.

Red Rose R-Evolution - An Initiation with Mary Magdalene

Are you a woman who yearns for something more?


Do you feel the seed of a hot rebel spirit hidden inside somewhere?


Who wants to break out of the confines of your self imposed silence?


Do you feel the stirring of your passionate soul, a voice that needs to be heard?


Do you know in your mind it is safe to come out and express that sacred voice but something inside keeps telling you to hide?


Red Rose R-Evolution - An Initiation with Mary Magdalene

This self-led program is created to support every woman who has ever struggled expressing herself. It is for all women who have been burned by shame in this life.. or in other life times past…

It is for every woman who longs to give voice to what is inside of her, to express her fierce love and fierce wisdom. 

We are being called to re-invent how we show up in life and how we can contribute to this beautiful new earth that is ready to birth through.


Red Rose R-Evolution - An Initiation with Mary Magdalene

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Red Rose R-Evolution - An Initiation with Mary Magdalene
Red Rose R-Evolution - An Initiation with Mary Magdalene

 In Ancient times the rose was a symbolic code that unlocked the door way to the hidden mysteries of the Divine Feminine Path of Love and Sacred Union. Different roses carry different codes or teachings..

The red rose carries a specific code that awakens the deep feminine rivers of primordial shakti, the holy fire of the womb that inspires the full expression of the souls’ aliveness. Red is the color of alchemy. We are invited to come together on a journey of deep transformational alchemy, to breath, to feel, to dance to sound to unleash the power of your SOUL.

When we call forth Magdalene we call forth a potent initiation of sacred inner union, that leads us to the embodiment of our soul.

Red Rose R-Evolution - An Initiation with Mary Magdalene
Red Rose R-Evolution - An Initiation with Mary Magdalene

Beloved Mary Magdalene we call you forth that we may have a direct ecstatic embodied experience of who you are and what you are and what you are here to teach us.

We call your Mari Magdalena in all your forms, throughout all time lines to be present. We call you as a Tntric Shaman & Womb Priestess, Keeper of the Alchemical Keys of Sacred Sɛxuality and Sacred Inner Union. We call you in as bringer of the blessings of Sacred Soul Mate Re-union. We call you forth to bring us the courage and strength to lift the veils of shame that have kept us hiding and silent. We are ready to be seen. We are ready to awaken our soul voice.  We call you forth to reveal your sacred rose lineage rites, the ancient priestess arts of sacred birthing, conscious light conception, conscious menstruation and the sacred teachings of longevity, and physical immortality.

We call you forth that we may experience the deeply embodied sensual JOY of life.

We call you Lady of the Red Rose, and the Magdalene’s your angelic legions of light, to come forth and bless us that we may remember the ancient secret arts, the once lost secret energy practices that we may remember the gifts of our souls.

We ask you as the Feminine Christ to be here with us so that we can all be a vessel for your wisdom and grace as it merges with our own intuitive wisdom.

Red Rose R-Evolution - An Initiation with Mary Magdalene

Three Healing Ceremonies + BONUS Sound Healing Ceremony + BONUS Closing Ceremony

Divine Feminine Somatic Healing Meditations + Embodiment Practices
( MP3 Audios & Videos)

These meditations offered are designed to prepare you for an ecstatic birth, clear birth trauma, abrtion trauma, clear sɛxual trauma and ecstatically lift your vibration so you feel more sɛxual pleasure, more juicy, wise and connected to the wisdom of your feminine soul.

Shakti Movement Practices + Playlists

Teaching PDF’s & Written Transmissions
Written material to enrich your deep feminine wisdom

Red Rose R-Evolution - An Initiation with Mary Magdalene


Womb Mysteries


This week we will focus on the womb and menstrual blood mysteries. We will focus on clearing and ecstatically activating the womb, conscious shamanic menstruation, ecstatic menopause and healing the cervical gateway so that you can deepen your connection the Gaia Sophia, ground and nurture yourself from your roots.

Opening Ceremony :: Shamanic Womb Healing

Journey into the Dark Light of the Divine Mother to Purify and Renew your womb space as a sacred sovereign space.  We will give an opportunity to clear past emotional imprints in your womb space of past trauma, whether it be abrtions, miscarriages, invasion, rae, ancestral, past or present life.

Ecstatic Womb Activation Practice ::  { 20 min video }

This week you are given a daily ecstatic womb activation practice to support you to drop deeper into your womb as a source of deep feminine wisdom and power. This practice is a gift that keeps on giving, the benefits are multiple balancing the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.

Divine Cervix Meditation :: { 35 min audio and 5 min video }

The cervix carries a lot of emotional memory, particularly rage as the primary role of the cervix has been to discern what we let into the womb, it has been often ignored. This potent meditation helps to clear the threads of past trauma and old emotions held in the cervix and breathing the new divine light codes in.

It also focuses on strengthening the cervix as an etheric gateway to the womb of the earth. Giving you a much deeper more rooted connection to Great  Mother Gaia Sophia.

Transmission recorded directly when I was in Mary Madgalenes cave in St Baume, in the South of France.

Blood Mysteries :: { written transmissions and ritual }

Learning to embody our wild feminine and reclaim the mystical power of menstruation.

Red Rose R-Evolution - An Initiation with Mary Magdalene


Wild Feminine

Embody your Shakti Power


Magdalene initiates us into the raw wild feminine, to unlock our shakti power. Our primordial feminine intelligence. To purify our womb power and liberate the energy to express through the voice.

Ceremony ::  Embody the VOICE of SHAKTI

We dance & breathe to awaken the fires of shakti, liberate the raw wild feminine and unleash your authentic VOICE.

Spotify PlayList and inspirations for your dancing pleasure.

Womb Throat Activation { 10 min video practice }

Clear and awaken your throat chakra to awaken higher dimensional light codes through the shekinah dove to open to the new divine human throat chakra templates.

Yoni Throat Breathing { 7 min video practice }

Explore the potent connection between the yoni and the voice. A short video transmission from the Magdalene yoni cave in france.

Ecstatic Shakti Power { transmissions, dance + playlists }

Awaken your Womb, remember your Wild Feminine, embody your Inner Ecstatic Mystic

Womb Clearing Ceremony { 10 min video + 30 min audio }

Energetically clear your womb of past lovers – abrtions – miscarriages, old imprints of ancestral trauma through rae – sɛxual intrusion – poor boundaries and past promiscuity.

Red Rose R-Evolution - An Initiation with Mary Magdalene


Sacred Inner Marriage

The Grail Mysteries


Receive Wisdom and Insight

Magdalene initiates us into the Order of the Dove as we open to the Shekinah and the grace from the higher realms.

Ceremony ::  Embody Your Feminine Soul

This week we go on a somatic shamanic journey into the celestial star realms to receive cosmic vision and insight.

Dragon Dove Alchemy { meditation 20 min audio }

In this meditation you will merge your connection with the primordial shakti and the higher celestial realms to anchor your soul into your body.

Anchoring Your Soul Star { meditation 50 min audio }

In this week’s practice we will fully claim our shakti bowl and begin to inhabit the deep feminine essence as well as anchor the star seeds of your soul in your body. Anchoring your souls blueprint into your womb.

Bonus Sound Healing Ceremony

With special guest and Sound Healer Eeshira Hart

Bonus Closing Ceremony & Womb Whispering

Learning to listen to the oracular voice of the womb as a guide

Red Rose R-Evolution - An Initiation with Mary Magdalene

Your Guide

Red Rose R-Evolution - An Initiation with Mary Magdalene
Red Rose R-Evolution - An Initiation with Mary Magdalene

Leyolah Antara is a high priestess of the Isis Magdalene Rose Lineage. She is a master ecstatic alchemist and transformational guide specializing in embodied transformation. She has created and taught the Kundalini Dance Alchemical Healing Practice for the past 33 years. Leyolah offers Priestess Initiation Training retreats and online programmes in Ecstatic Kundalini Dance, Sacred Union, Sovereignty,  Alchemical Healing, Egyptian Mysteries and Archetypal Immersions and Soul Embodiment.  

 She lives in Northern NSW, Australia and is currently writing her next book to empower women to live soulful lives. She is compassionate guide and has a depth of wisdom that comes from over 30 years of holding space for deep transformation.

Hi, I am Leyolah…  I am especially passionate about working with women and men who are ready to unapologetically express every facet of their true selves. I help you get comfortable and confident in reclaiming your personal power as a sovereign spiritual leader, to free your authentic voice and embody your soul.

I am here to support you to rise and remember your soul’s sacred promise. I am here to support you to reclaim your sensual sovereignty and live an ecstatic and meaningful life, aligned to your sacred purpose.

I am passionate about empowering and initiating sacred leaders, spiritual teachers, healers and soul-based creatives who are called to support the rise of deep feminine consciousness that is needed for the awakening of human consciousness rebirth of the New Earth.

I am here to support you to transform whatever is holding you back from the truth of who you are and rise into the expression of your true authentic soul expression.

This is our time to come out of the shadows and shine brightly. Let us reveal our naked souls and share our authentic, beauty wisdom, love and power into the world.


Red Rose R-Evolution - An Initiation with Mary Magdalene
Red Rose R-Evolution - An Initiation with Mary Magdalene

“Leyolah’s course is nothing short of soul alchemy. Her lovingly guided journey took me deep into the shame that had blocked me from fully opening to my body. Through a supportive group, I voiced and cleared my shame, the only thing that was truly blocking me from being here and accepting my birthright of wholeness. As the course progressed and I danced as a channel of shakti, I felt my soul enter more into being here. I felt that I could completely own my truth and my purpose. I emerge from the course at one with myself and open in a completely new way to living as a whole, loving, powerful, ecstatic, divine female. This course is one of the greatest gifts I have received in this lifetime and I am grateful.”

 – Ruth Cumberland, China


“Leyolah encouraged me to shine my light. With strength, love and kindness, she helped me to come out as the Magdalene Priestess I knew I was. Every breathe, movement, ceremony and transmission she gave, carried pure love, celebration and glorification of the Sensual Feminine Shakti Body. She guided me, to the freedom, sovereignty and passion to fully embody and shine in my Power. Leyolah helped me to shift any shame, fear and anger that had been in the way and to fully shine my beauty in each cell of my body. I am a Tntric Shamanic Loving Priestess. It is non negotiable anymore!”

 – Elodie Mas,  France


Thanks Leyolah for your powerful sacred work! This course helped me to clear away old fears & mass conscious stuff that was stored in my body! You continue to serve me deeply with your offerings in living more fully as an empowered feminine sensual goddess woman, in ALL areas of my life. The benefits of this program overflow into all areas of life! As a result of your work Leyolah, I am a better teacher, more confident coach for women, even deeper lover of life, amazing mom and the Divine Feminine with my Beloved! THANKS Leyolah for the powerful sacred healing work you do and offer to serve all women and in turn you serve all of humanity! In deep gratitude’

– Vireo Carnarvon, Canada


Red Rose R-Evolution - An Initiation with Mary Magdalene

This Self-Led course is ready for you to begin as soon as you register. All weekly practices, teachings and recordings are in your private Members Portal.

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