Temple of Isis - Unlocking The Ovarian Gates

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Temple of Isis - Unlocking The Ovarian Gates

I’m offering a ceremony inside the Temple of Isis to clear the ovarian gates of the etheric shackles that have kept a woman’s shakti power locked.  


These etheric locks were placed on woman in ancient times and act to inhibit a woman’s full embodiment of her ecstatic shakti flow.

This is a powerful ceremony we were given in Egypt in 2018 at the Temple of Isis. 

 I have been guided to offer this ceremony as a one off ceremony on the full moon during while the lions gate portal is still open and we have great potential to recalibrate old programmes and liberate our shakti life force. 


It is time. 

Temple of Isis - Unlocking The Ovarian Gates

A women’s ovarian energy is the seat of her creative fire. In our deep feminine practice we cultivate the ovarian fire to turn on her inner light and activate the ecstatic flows of shakti. 

Activating our shakti power is a fundamental requirement for a woman to return to her direct line of connection to her spiritual wisdom, intuition, creative expression and authentic voice.

Sometimes it can take a while for a woman to feel the ecstatic current that can be generated through ovarian and womb breathing. That’s because the ovaries need clearing. 

That is why I am offering this ceremony to clear the ovarian locks.

Temple of Isis - Unlocking The Ovarian Gates

Photos taken by Leyolah Antara at the original Temple of Isis in Philae Egypt, where this ceremony was given. These images have keys we will be using in the ceremony.

These ovarian locks manifest as:


A blockage in the ovaries and womb

Not feeling orgasmic

No ecstatic current running through the body

Numbness in feminine s*x ual organs

Pain in ovaries / womb

Numbness in ovaries / womb

Irregular Periods

Hot flushes in menapause


Creative flow feeling blocked

Feeling heavy and locked in pelvis

Disconnected from your femininity

Disconnected from the Divine Mother

This Tantric Healing Ceremony is for you if:

Temple of Isis - Unlocking The Ovarian Gates

You feel you have ancient priestess codes and would like to further unlock them

Have no priestess memories but would like more access to your shakti – deep feminine life force.

Are ready to clear old conditionings and programmes that are holding you back

Seek to open to more of your sacred feminine power.


Temple of Isis - Unlocking The Ovarian Gates

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This Ceremony will be done with help from the guides of the Temple of Isis – especially supported by Anubis. 

Anubis is a Divine Feminine guide and protector of the feminine. Anubis has been a strong guide and support for me in the large group healing ceremonies and assists to release the templates. 

The world needs woman to come into their power fully right now.  Let’s join together to reclaim the fullness of our shakti power.


Temple of Isis - Unlocking The Ovarian Gates
Temple of Isis - Unlocking The Ovarian Gates
Temple of Isis - Unlocking The Ovarian Gates

Photos taken by Leyolah Antara at the original Temple of Isis in Philae Egypt, where this ceremony was given.

These images have keys we will be using in the ceremony.

Temple of Isis - Unlocking The Ovarian Gates

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Temple of Isis - Unlocking The Ovarian Gates


Leyolah Antara


Leyolah Antara is a best selling author, spiritual guide and  high priestess of the Isis Magdalene Rose Lineage. She is a master ecstatic alchemist and transformational guide specialising in embodied transformation.

She has created and taught the Kundalini Dance Alchemical Healing Practice for the past 33 years. Leyolah offers Priestess Initiation Training retreats and online programmes in Ecstatic Kundalini Dance, Sacred Union, Sovereignty,  Alchemical Healing, Egyptian Mysteries and Archetypal Immersions and Soul Embodiment.

She lives in Northern NSW, Australia and is currently writing her next book to empower women to live soulful lives. She is compassionate guide and has a depth of wisdom that comes from over 30 years of holding space for deep transformation.

Temple of Isis - Unlocking The Ovarian Gates

Hi, I am Leyolah…  I am especially passionate about working with women and men who are ready to unapologetically express every facet of their true selves. I help you get comfortable and confident in reclaiming your personal power as a sovereign spiritual leader, to free your authentic voice and embody your soul.

I am here to support you to rise and remember your soul’s sacred promise. I am here to support you to reclaim your sensual sovereignty and live an ecstatic and meaningful life, aligned to your sacred purpose.

I am passionate about empowering and initiating sacred leaders, spiritual teachers, healers and soul-based creatives who are called to support the rise of deep feminine consciousness that is needed for the awakening of human consciousness rebirth of the New Earth.

I am here to support you to transform whatever is holding you back from the truth of who you are and rise into the expression of your true authentic soul expression.

This is our time to come out of the shadows and shine brightly. Let us reveal our naked souls and share our authentic, beauty wisdom, love and power into the world.


Words of Praise For Leyolah 

Liquid golden light coursing through my veins!”


“A cosmic ceremony, much needed and thank you so much Leyolah and all who took part. I feel the connection and love.”


“I am blessed to have worked with Leyolah privately, in the course of the 21 day group journey through the Temple of Inanna. 

Leyolah’s loving, very present and authentic leadership in a one-on-one setting (as well as in various group programs and ceremonies that I’ve been in with her) helped me move into deep old places of wounding, clear them from my body and energy field, and move into a lighter, more hopeful and empowered place. 

One of her gifts–for which I’m so grateful–is this profound vision and intuitive knowledge of what we as women, have been holding.  She sees and knows how to help clear the layers of repressions and shackles–from this life, past lives and the collective. Layers that I would not have found on my own.  

I will be integrating this work for some time, and yet it is already providing support for the major life change I’m in — releasing almost everything I own, to start a new life in a new country at the age of 64.”

-Ellen Shapiro

Transformational Guide and Embodiment teacher for women, Santa Fe, New Mexico  

I feel energised, blessed and full of love”


That was profound and reconnecting”


My auric field feels more clear and open. Thank you for beautiful space holding, Leyolah xx”


I was happy and lucky to be part of the Ovarian Unlocking Ceremony. It was powerful and highly needed and brought me strength, clarity, and liberation. It activated my Ankh tattoo and some other tattoos I have on my ovaries.

I feel strongly that the Magdalene calls out to me, I feel strongly that Isis, Inanna and Ishtar call out to me, just as Ereshkigal and Kali and Hel do.

Leyolah’s work is tremendously valuable and precious to me on my inner path. Both the Sexual Self Healing Course, the Lion’s Gate Portal Course, and now the Ovarian Unlocking Ceremony. My ovaries truly needed that, especially as I had an Ovarian condition and I feel I need to deepen my inner surrender and source connection to heal that.

Deep bow of reverence.”

-Saga Septembra Månsång  (Moonsong ) 

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