Womb Mysteries - Awakening The Feminine Soul

When a woman is connected to her womb, she has access to the vast healing intelligence of the Divine Feminine, she is deeply connected to her souls wisdom, her intuition and her multi-dimensional potentials.

A woman’s womb is the heart of her connection to her deep feminine soul, a magical portal to the Divine Mother Mysteries.

Yet all too often women are cut off from the primordial feminine intelligence of our wombs, which is essentially cutting you off from your deep feminine wisdom, your creative power, your feminine soul.


In this ceremony we will address the deeper issues connected to womb pain, infertility, over bleeding, irregular periods, and clearing the impact of unresolved abrtions and miscarriages and sɛxual invasion.


You will learn a somatic meditation to support you to cultivate divine feminine energy in your womb space and clear out old stagnant emotional, psychic and spiritual blockages. Which may help you balance your menstrual cycles, relieving pain and PT symptoms.

This practice is also great for peri and post-menopausal women, balancing hormones and giving an opportunity for the womb to cleanse even when not bleeding.

Emotionally when a woman is connecting to her womb she feels more still, more grounded and centred. Mentally she will experience more clarity and a direct connection to her deep feminine intelligence. Spiritually she will unlock doorways to the divine feminine mysteries.

Womb Mysteries - Awakening The Feminine Soul

In This 90 Minute Teaching and Healing Ceremony We Will Practice and Discuss:

Womb Clearing

Clearing the womb of past lovers, emotional energies carried over from abrtions, sɛxual invasion, that have their root in both life experiences as well as ancestral trauma and karmic trauma that has been passed down through your lineages. 

Shamanic Menstruation

Deepening your connection to the earth and the divine mother through the blood mysteries.

Ecstatic Menopause

Reframing this transitional time to a time of high creativity and kundalini awakening. 


Daily Womb Cultivation Practice

A somatic ecstatic movement meditation to cultivate divine feminine energy in your womb space. This practice is a gift that keeps on giving, the benefits are both physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.


Womb Voice

We will do some energy healing to connect your womb and your voice, the direct link to expressing feminine power. We will discuss Mary Magdalene and her role in supporting you to express your fierce wisdom, and creativity to occupy our equality. 

Magdalene is asking us to come together more deeply so she can bless us and love us and transmit to us.

Womb Mysteries - Awakening The Feminine Soul

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Womb Mysteries - Awakening The Feminine Soul
Womb Mysteries - Awakening The Feminine Soul

Your Guide

Leyolah Antara

Womb Mysteries - Awakening The Feminine Soul

Leyolah Antara is a high priestess of the Isis Magdalene Rose Lineage. She is a master ecstatic alchemist and transformational guide specializing in embodied transformation. She has created and taught the Kundalini Dance Alchemical Healing Practice for the past 33 years. Leyolah offers Priestess Initiation Training retreats and online programmes in Ecstatic Kundalini Dance, Sacred Union, Sovereignty,  Alchemical Healing, Egyptian Mysteries and Archetypal Immersions and Soul Embodiment.  

She lives in Northern NSW, Australia and is currently writing her next book to empower women to live soulful lives. She is compassionate guide and has a depth of wisdom that comes from over 30 years of holding space for deep transformation.

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Womb Mysteries - FREE Ceremony - Awakening the Feminine Soul

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