Sacred Woman's Temple
Sacred Woman's Temple

The Sacred Woman’s Temple is an online sanctuary offering you teachings and somatic practices to nourish your deep feminine essence and ground your spirituality into your daily life.

T o g e t h e r

We will move beyond the mainstream narrative of femininity and dive into the full spectrum of the deep feminine mysteries to empower, enliven and activate all aspects of your sacred feminine power.

Sacred Woman's Temple
Sacred Woman's Temple

Month by month we will explore different sacred feminine archetypes and deep feminine practices and principles to initiate you into the subtle nuances of woman hood as a sacred art.

This work is offered as a nine moon journey as it takes nine months of dedicated practice to rebirth yourself and in this case ripen and mature all aspects of your sacred woman. You can also commit three months at a time as we will be breaking this into three three unit modules if you would prefer a shorter commitment.

This Offering Is For You

Dearest Woman…

It is for all women who feel over masculinized, who are done overdoing, over-caring and overachieving and are looking for a sacred sanctuary that will support you to re vitalize return to the deep feminine way.

This program is dedicated to woman who are called to explore the full spectrum of your soft feminine power. It is for women who know that amongst all the busyness they also need to have access to a resource that will inspire you to slow down, drop in and remember the deep feminine medicine and wisdom that exists in their bodies.

Sacred Woman's Temple

It is for women who are drawn to refine their spiritual practices to learn the tools of the priestess and who long to be masterfully held in a sacred container to transform and continue to rise into their sacred feminine power.

Sacred Woman's Temple
Sacred Woman's Temple

Priestess Practice

We will journey with the sacred alchemical tools of the Priestess, these include Shakti Activation, Archetypal God -dess embodiment, inner alchemy, breath work, visualisation, somatic meditation and tantric energy activations.

Sacred Woman's Temple

Archetypal Embodiment

Working with Goddess archetypes is one of the most potent tools for anchoring new sacred feminine blueprints and codes on all levels of your being.

When we open our devotional heart and surrender to HER higher power each Goddess Archetype assists us individually through an alchemical process of transformation.

Each month we will work with a different alchemical Goddess archetype, surrendering open to Her as an aspect of Shakti within us. In this way we embody the Goddess, we do not worship her as something outside of us but a somatic intelligence within.

Sacred Woman's Temple

Somatic Meditations

Soma is a Greek word, meaning the body.

In the Sacred Woman’s Temple you will learn the art of Somatic Presencing to support you to descend mindfully into the sensations in your body to read and uncover the deeper core feelings and patterns that are holding your false identities and discover how the body with its infinite wisdom can support compassionate, gentle and effective change.

In our work together you will deepen your capacity to listen to the subtle language of your body, its sensations, its contractions and learn how to be present with it all in a way that brings spaciousness and deep peace.

Sacred Woman's Temple

Kundalini Dance

Each month we will  journey with the sacred alchemical practices of Kundalini Dance, as each archetype is connected to a specific chakra. In the Kundalini Dance work we have tools to alchemize the chakras. I have been teaching and developing this work for over 33 years. The Sacred Woman’s temple is a deepening and a refinement of the Kundalini Dance work and will serve anyone who I have trained as a teacher of Kundalini Dance to deepen their initiation with the Divine Feminine Mysteries.

Sacred Woman's Temple

Nine Faces of The Goddess

Each month we will journey with a different archetype and face of the Goddess to receive her initiation and embody her gifts.

Each week you will receive one 30 min teaching and one somatic meditation practice to embody the teaching. Meaning you will receive four practices a month via email. The practices will be either audio or video depending on whether they are shakti movement practices or deep internal somatic meditations.

We will have one live zoom at the end of each month, which will be recorded.

This work is offered as a nine month initiatory journey, which will be divided into 3 x 3 month long spirals that can be taken together or separately.

This journey is designed to be a self – paced journey of inner initiation

Sacred Woman's Temple
Sacred Woman's Temple



Sacred Woman's Temple
Sacred Woman's Temple

Spiral One


Sacred Woman's Temple

Divine Mother Initiation ~ Embody Primordial Shakti

Restore ▽ Repair ▽ Resource

Sacred Woman's Temple

Our first and most fundamental relationship with Shakti begins with meeting her as the Divine Mother. She is the spark of shakti in our wombs, the source of our creative power and our most wise guiding light. She is at home in her body, she has cleared her womb of old psychic debri that is clouding her vision and purpose. She is a sovereign woman who is deeply rooted into the abundance field of creation.

In our month of Divine Mother you will:

▽ Find ways to resource yourself in the whirlwind of life

▽ Step into your raw creative power

▽ You will be invited to restore your energetic root system

▽ Dance to alchemise your root chakra

▽ Return home to the safety of being in your body

▽ We will explore the womb center as a seat of shakti power and a gateway to paradise in the body

Transmissions will be given through the Goddess Isis and restoring the archetypal womb centered woman.

Sacred Lover Initiation ~  Embody Sensual Shakti

Soften ▽ Sensuality ▽ Fluidity

Sacred Woman's Temple

In this month we explore the deep sensual erotic nature of the feminine as a pathway for spiritual awakening and divine embodiment. We will meet our own bodies as our inner lover and make pleasure our priority. When we embody shakti as a sensual river of love, she helps us to unlock the parts of our bodies that have been holding or suppressing and repressing feelings. We will dance and move to embody her as golden honey that melts stress and tension and helps us to feel what we have been suppressing and denying

In this month as a sacred lover, you will:

▽ Honor your yoni as a gateway of erotic intelligence

▽ Divinise your Sexuality

▽ Refine the alchemical art of white tantra

▽ Clear past experiences that are still imprinting our erotic blueprint

▽ Bringing sexuality back from the distorted templates and returning to the template of sacred union.

▽ Dance to alchemize your sacral chakra

Transmissions will be given through Mary Magdalene, the Goddess of LOVE Hathor and The Egyptian Feline Goddess of sensuality Bast. 

Dark Goddess Initiation ~  Embody Wild Holy Shakti

Rewilding ▽ Release ▽ Shedding

Sacred Woman's Temple

In the month of Dark Goddess we are invited to descend to ascend ; to dive into the shadows of our psyche and bring them back home to love. The Dark Mother Goddess reveals where we are stuck and liberates the energy, to become a golden shadow, a point of power. The Dark Mother calls us to descend into our bodies and to offer her all the old skins and cloaks that are outdated and reveal the most beautiful pure essence at your core.

In this month with Dark Goddess you will:

▽ Rewild your shakti, unshackle all the places where you have been locking your shakti power

▽ Refine your ability to embrace that which has been hidden, denied or judged and seen as a flaw and limitation and release its power

▽ Release the old identities of self to discover who you really are at the core

▽ Be invited to receive deep nourishment from her her soft inner silence

▽ Rest, restore and reset in her dark womb of light

Our guide for this month will be the all loving Goddess Kali. We will be informed by the transformational map given in the myth of the Sumerian Goddess Inanna and her descent into the underworld to return anew to reclaim her throne as Queen of Heaven.

We are living in unprecedented times of transformation and the Divine Feminine Essence is needed to bring our planet back to balance.

The Priestess Returns

Tantric Rose Priestess Training 2023

In ancient times the sacred woman was a leader and sacred guide for the people and it is her time to return. Many of us have been priestesses in other incarnations and the codes of the priestess are etched in our cellular memory. We can activate our remembrance in sacred practice. TOGETHER. 

After you have completed the nine initiations in the sacred woman’s temple, and are called to deepen your vocation as Priestess you are invited to join the Tantric Rose Priestess Training – a three month program of initiation, into the red rose path of the Magdalene Isis lineage. 

This training will be offered both online and in person. 

Sacred Woman's Temple

Your Investment

SPIRAL ONE :: Primordial SOMA

Begins December 16th, 2022

Three Months ▽ Three Modules


Special Pricing $297

Regular $497
or $167 per month for three months

Register for All 3 Spirals Now

Pay for all nine modules

Value $1440

Offering you $797

Pay now before price increases to normal rate

Sacred Woman's Temple

Spiral Two


Sacred Woman's Temple

Warrior Goddess ~ Embody the Solar Power Of Shakti

Transformation ▽ Liberation ▽ Courage

Sacred Woman's Temple

As the Dark Goddess reveals what has been hidden, the Warrior Goddess brings us the courage to embrace change, start new chapters, release the old self and step into our power. The Dark Goddess is the energy most feared and suppressed in the counter – culture and it is the energy most needed to create change. In our month of Warrior Goddess we will be receiving our initiations from the Feline Goddess Sekhmet. Who activates your Kundalini Shakti force as a power of transformation. 

In our month of Warrior Goddess you will:

▽ Activate Shakti as a solar fire of Kundalini that transforms and awakens

▽ Explore divine feminine leadership Move from control and power over dynamics to loving guidance

▽ Purify and alchemise your solar plexus chakra in any way you stay small

▽ Explore the myths of the warrior goddess to inform and empower you

▽ Receive Shakti Activations from the Goddess Sekhmet

Our sacred initiator and guide for this month will be the Egyptian Solar Feline Goddess Sekhmet. She is the power of Kundalini Shakti, Great Mother, Dark Mother.

Priestess ~ Embody Sacred Purpose

Channel ▽ Mystic ▽ Rose

Sacred Woman's Temple

The Priestess is in essence a woman who knows how to empty and surrender herself to a higher power so much bigger than herself. She opens her body as a vessel for the higher love of creation and allows that grace to inform her, and guide her into right action. The Priestess is a woman who is led by the wisdom of love and lives her life in sacred service to the Goddess and her work is a contribution to the greater good of all life.

In our month of Priestess you will:

▽ Honor your body as sacred, holy ground.

▽ Soften your heart to allow the ecstatic inner union of God and Goddess.

▽ Receive initiations through the Rose from Mother Mary and Mary Magdalene

▽ Fine tune our capacity to listen to the small quiet voice of the hearts wisdom

▽ Invite the priestess out of her hiding and call in the confidence and courage to express your sacred power in your life. 

Our overlighting guides for our initiation into Priestess are Mother Mary, Mary Magdalene and Isis. 

Beloved ~ Embody Union of Shakti and Shiva

Divine Union ▽ Love ▽ Romance

Sacred Woman's Temple

In our month of BELOVED we honor our spiritual practice as a divine romance between God and Goddess. We will anchor the template of Divine Union to deepen into our relationships with ourselves and our loved ones. We will be informed by the myths of the great lovers of ancient times. Shakti and Shiva. Isis and Osiris. Magdalene and Yeshua. Soloman and Sheba. 

In our month of BELOVED you will:

▽ Experience the ecstasy of devotional spiritual practice.

▽ Refine the art of Sacred Inner Union

▽ Presence into the wounds of love that keep us from deeply relating to others. 

▽ Open the doors of your beloved heart to receive a beloved more fully.

▽ Learn about the ancient art of Hieros Gamos and welcome that rite back into our lives.

Our month of beloved will be overlighted by Isis and Osiris and Magdalene and Yeshua.

Your Investment

SPIRAL TWO :: Transformational SOMA

Three Months ▽ Three Modules


Coming Soon!

Sacred Woman's Temple

Spiral Three

Tantrica ~ Oracle ~ Alchemista ~ Queen

Sacred Woman's Temple

Tantrica ▽ Magdalena ~ Embody Ecstacy

Wild ▽ Holy ▽ Love

Sacred Woman's Temple

In our month of Tantrica we will live, walk and breath our ecstatic embodiment every day. We will explore tantric practices to embody our wild, holy ecstatic life force to become a clearer and wider vessel for the union of God – Goddess. The Tantric is an initiator is the one who can hold her light unwavering as she faces the shadows, she has no fear of the dark for she knows all is a gateway to love if we can simply rest in acceptance.

In your month as Tantrica you will:

▽ Balance internal masculine and feminine power dynamics.

▽ Marry your inner dark feminine with your inner dark masculine.

▽ Learn how to release the power of your sexual shadow into the current of ecstasy.

▽ Explore the sacred feminine leadership as guide and initiatress 

▽ Make peace with the masculine within and without

This work will be guided by Mary Magdalena, Sarah Kali, Black Sophia and guides of the Red Rose Feminine Path.

Oracle ~ Embody Your Intuitive Voice

Revelatory ▽ Inner Authority ▽ Guidance

Sacred Woman's Temple

In our month as Oracle you will honor the power of your sacred voice and crystallize your ability to listen to and act on your intuition as your source of guidance. The intuitive voice of the feminine has been hushed, invalidated and suppressed yet our sacred knowing is so needed to be expressed to bring balance to our world. The inner oracle has taken back her power from externalizing patriarchal authority and sits in the seat of her wisdom and inner authority as a guide in both her home life and her worldly life.

In our month of Oracle you will:

▽ Reclaim your self authority

▽ Distill any ways you have externalized authority that have been diminishing your power and light

▽ Learn to listen to your intuitive voice your source of guidance

▽ Cultivate deep listening

▽ Deepen into our understanding of the role of the priestess as oracle in ancient times and integrate power through myth

In our month of Oracle we will be guided by the Goddess Hathor who supports us to awaken the power of the oracular voice. 

Alchemista ~ Embody Your Soul Power

Alchemy ▽ Celestial ▽ SOUL

Sacred Woman's Temple

Alchemista is that aspect of the Goddess who can create anything she chooses to place her attention on; she is the one who transforms poison into medicine and pain into art. The Alchemist is the miracle maker, the one who sparks the codes of destiny longing to birth through us. She is both raw creative power woven with the most subtle celestial light to manifest your most magnificent life in alignment with your divine design.

In our month of Alchemista you will:

▽ Explore the subtle arts of alchemy to allow the full and gracious unfolding of your sacred feminine purpose.

▽ Deepen your capacity to transform whatever stands in the way of the full embodiment of your deep feminine soul.

▽ Refine the will force and self -authority necessary to bring vision into manifestation.

Shakti Queen ~ Embody Love

Compassion ▽ Loving Kindness

Sacred Woman's Temple

The Shakti Queen has integrated all the sacred archetypes to land deeply seated in her worth and right to express and live fully anchored in her throne as a sacred woman. She is deeply rooted in her womb and connected to the celestial heavens above. She is fiercely compassionate, kind and loving. She speaks her truth and honors her intuitive knowledge. She no longer lives to be liked but she lives to LOVE. She has aligned to her sacred purpose and lives in her integrity in her home life, her creative work and social life. 

In this month with Shakti Queen you will:

▽ Bathe in the grace of Heavenly Mother

▽ Receive your celestial crowning

▽ Integrate all nine divine feminine archetypes

▽ Embody your sense of belonging, poise and sovereignty.

▽ Refine clarity on your sacred purpose

This initiation will be guided by Mother Mary, Hathor, Isis.

Your Investment

SPIRAL THREE :: Tantrica :: Oracle :: Alchemista :: Queen

Four Months ▽ Four Modules


Coming Soon!

Register for All 3 Spirals Now

Pay for all nine modules

Value $1440

Offering you $797

Pay now before price increases to normal rate

Are you feeling called to the Path of the Priestess ?


Sept – Dec 2023 Online + In Person

Sacred Woman's Temple

After you have completed the nine initiations in the sacred woman’s temple you will be qualified to join the Tantric Rose Priestess Training – a three month program designed specifically to train you to hold transformational temples.


In the Priestess Training you will dive into deeper initiation with the Divine Feminine archetypes to unlock the alchemical technology of what it means to walk, live and breathe as Priestess in your daily life.

You will strengthen your vessel as a channel for divine inner union and learn how to facilitate and hold temples and embody transformational events for others through the Tantric Rose Lineage. 


Payment plans available.

Sacred Woman's Temple

1 : 1 Mentorship with Leyolah

Sacred Woman's Temple

As we are committed to you bringing through your most authentic and unique creative work, those who register for the Tantric Rose Priestess Training program can also receive personal 1:1 mentorship with Leyolah through this process if you choose to pay for this service.

After the three month online training  you will be given a certificate of completion of the Tantric Rose Priestess Training.


Package of 4 Priestess Training Mentoring Sessions


Tantric Rose Priestess Training


Leyolah will be offering in person retreat immersions into the nine faces of the Goddess at her home temple in Northern NSW, Australia ( Dec, Mar, Apr, May, Jun ) Ubud Bali ( Jan, Feb, Sept, Oct )  Ibiza Europe ( July) and Hawaii USA ( Dec )

Those who have signed up for the nine month journey will receive invitations to these immersions. Immersion will be anywhere from 2 – 10 days.  We will offer it as a live retreat in some locations but not all. The in person retreat days will cost around $330 USD per day for tuition. This will not include food and accommodation.


Sacred Woman's Temple

Sacred Egypt Tour

We are also offering a tour of Sacred Egypt for Initiates of the Tantric Rose Mystery School.

Please let us know if your interested in the Egyptian Retreat


Sacred Woman's Temple
Sacred Woman's Temple
Sacred Woman's Temple

What is the Tantric Rose Lineage?

Sacred Woman's Temple

The lost teachings of the Divine Feminine Mysteries are being remembered and reclaimed through us at this time. These are not teachings that we can simply read in a book or learn in a lecture, these are teachings that are received through a process of initiations and empowerment that come directly through Divine Mother  / Father God /Goddess.

Over the past 2000 + years the Goddess and her priestesses went underground. Many of the lineages were broken BUT  her wisdom teachings are etched in our cellular memory and can be remembered through our direct embodiment and inner gnosis.

I Leyolah have been remembering the sacred alchemical technologies of the Divine Feminine Mysteries for the past 35 years. Although I have had many teachers and I am a lifelong learner, I have had no outer teachers initiate me into this lineage, this work. I have been directly initiated through the Goddess Isis, Hathor, Magdalene, Horus, Sekhmet, Mother Mary and many others in the inner planes since my kundalini awakening at age 23. I am now 58 years young and mine has been a process of inner initiation, and as this is the path I have walked, this is the path I share.

This is a path of inner initiation with God ~ Goddess, a path of inner gnosis through the lineage of Goddess Isis primarily.

I recognise it as a Rose Path as so often we have Mary Magdalene, Yeshua, Isis and Mother Mary Guiding the work. When the Divine Feminine mysteries went underground the Rose was the symbol or code those who stayed faithful to the teachings of Magdalene Isis used to covertly show themselves to one another.

I recognize this as a tantric path, as it is so much about embodying the kundalini shakti fire and riding her waves up through the central energy channel to union with God and embodying inner union to know sacred union with a beloved.

Sacred Woman's Temple

This is why I use the name Tantric Rose Mystery School. It originally began as the Temple of Isis Mystery School, but now there are so many temples being anchored as we initiate through the different goddesses so we call it the Tantric Rose Mystery School.

My first body of work is known as Kundalini Dance and has been shared all over the world by thousands of people. I train teachers in that work which you can see here and I also have self published a book on the Kundalini Dance teachings.

The lost lineage of the Divine Feminine goddess teachings are here to support the next level of our collective evolution and I am so happy you have found your way home and I would be honored to be your guide.


Leyolah Antara

Sacred Woman's Temple

Leyolah Antara is a best-selling author, spiritual guide and  high priestess of the Isis Magdalene Rose Lineage. She is a master ecstatic alchemist and transformational guide specializing in embodied transformation.

She has created and taught the Kundalini Dance Alchemical Healing Practice for the past 33 years, having trained over 220 + active teachers in the work. She is also the founder of The Tantric Rose Mystery School where she offers programs to empower woman into the expression of their most authentic self in their creative life and in their intimate relationships.

Leyolah has her home, temple and garden sanctuary in Northern NSW, Australia, where she lives with her beloved partner and daughter. She is currently writing her second book to empower women to live soulful lives. She is compassionate guide with a depth of wisdom that comes from being connected to soma and over 30 years of holding space for deep transformation for groups all over the world.

What The Women Are Saying:

Sacred Woman's Temple

Elodie Mas, Pibrac France

Leyolah encouraged me to shine my light. With strength, love and kindness, she helped me to come out as the Magdalene Priestess I knew I was. Every breathe, movement, ceremony and transmission she gave, carried pure love, celebration and glorification of the Sensual Feminine Shakti Body. She guided me, to the freedom, sovereignty and passion to fully embody and shine in my Power. Leyolah helped me to shift any shame, fear and anger that had been in the way and to fully shine my beauty in each cell of my body. I am a Tantric Shamanic Loving Priestess. It is non negotiable anymore!

Sacred Woman's Temple

Kathryn Eyre, Sydney Australia

The shifts and transformation my life has gone through while working with Leyolah have been profound and revolutionary. My relationship with myself has both deepened and expanded with unconditional self acceptance and I am now in a new more honouring line of work where my priestess gifts can shine. Leyolah’s teachings have been devoted, authentic, encouraging and inspiring. I have reconnected with the Mother and her vast spaciousness and unrelenting capacity for love. This has awakened in me a steady foundation from which to manifest my heart’s dreaming. I feel empowered from within to live a more authentically passionate life. I have shifted from surviving to thriving. Deep bows of gratitude for Leyolah’s work.

Sacred Woman's Temple

Johnine, Western Australia

I’ve trained with many people worldwide and Leyolah holds highest in my eyes, her trainings and transmissions are always coming through specifically for your soul’s development to breakthrough. I’ve been on a nine month Mentorship with Leyolah and it’s been liberating, at the beginning I hid parts of myself, I stayed safe and limited. As we moved through the mentorship, Leyolah was able to mirror to me what I could not see; this was humbling as these were my breakthroughs. I’ve come to express myself fearlessly and lovingly, offering all that I am, no more hiding.

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