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God – Sacred Rage – Divine Union

God – Sacred Rage – Divine Union

For years I cringed at the GOD word.!

I could not say the word God, Let alone read any references to that word. Universe yes, Great Spirit sure… The mention of God, got the hand.

That was probably because the God that I was shown as a young girl raised in the Roman Catholic religion represented a judging and punishing God that pretty much abandoned and rejected all things feminine.

Or more accurately were banned by his priests and mislead prophets.

Many of my clients, students and soul friends felt the same, we had rejected God, and in our search for what was missing we found in the The Goddess, The Divine Feminine, in her many faces, her many forms and she was way more juicy.

In the Temples of the Goddess we could embrace our wild free, sensual bodies.

So we have been gathering, meeting in temporary temples all over the world, to embody the Goddess. We have been shaking our hips, sharing our hearts and calling each other out to rise and be seen. Encouraging each other to speak up and trust our intuitive knowing. We have been sharing our shame stories, slowly gaining the courage to speak the sacred and stand for the simple truths that really matter to us.

As we entered the Temple of the Goddess, we turned within and we dug deep and we found that underneath the shame, the feelings of unworthiness was a deep anger.

A sacred and holy rage at God and our Beloveds who we felt had abandoned us. We found ancient memories of times when were burned, hung and hushed down in the name of that God. In his name, our basic rights of speech and respect for our bodies and intuitive wisdom were taken away from us.

No wonder we carry rage at God and those who served in his name.

Even in our homes we were hushed and told our wisdom was not valid and we ought to shut up, listen and let the men talk. So we went silent and hushed down our anger as it was not safe to express and we put up our sheilds and pushed God out. We pushed our beloved men out. We may have still lived with them, had sex with them but we kept them out of our beloved hearts and wombs and out of our sacred secret temples.

It’s is understandable we feel the rage. BUT.

This withholding, this suppression, this sheilding and pushing away of men and God was and is costing us our evolution.

Without the unity of the masculine and feminine no one gets the jewels.

We need to find our way to feel our rage, hold it, honour it and unleash it from the shadows of our collective feminine psyche.

And the beautiful thing is as we feel, hold and tend to our sacred rage, she will unleash a
wild passion to be f*&cKed open by God.

Funny isnt it.. when our subconscious rage is brought out from the shadows. It transforms into a holy fire a deep desire to radiate love upon, be penetrated by and ecstatically merge with our beloved men and God.

I’ve seen it in myself and I’ve seen it in every women I have supported through the process, when we feel and process our rage, and honor it as sacred, It unleashes trapped Shakti power that has been held in and shackled our Shakti power down for thousands of years.

Unleashing the rage, is not always a huge powerful scream from the pelvis, although it can be. For that energy to be unleashed it simply needs to be brought out of the shadows, accepted, seen and embraced in love.

We know to evolve we are required to balance both the Divine Feminine and the Divine Masculine within us. We know that disconnecting from God and from men and from our inner masculine both the Divine Light Masculine and the Divine Dark Masculine is costing us the ecstasy we were designed for.

Disconnecting from our inner masculine does not serve us well either. We need our masculine to birth our creative work in the world.

It is time to invite men into the Temple of the Goddess again. In our physical temples and in our sacred gatherings. To love men and allow love in.

But our first step is to feel our Sacred Rage.. Probably better before they come in. We don’t want to scare them off.

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May you be held in love,

Leyolah Ma

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