As we dive into Mary Magdalene – we enter the red river, the deep primal wild power of the Divine Feminine. Mother Mary connects us to the white river of the maternal deep mothering aspect of the Divine Feminine.

Mary Magdalene invites us to embody our wild feminine and reclaim the mystical power of menstruation and to travel into the mysteries of this red river of wisdom and pure unbridled power. Mary Magdalene calls us back to return to our sacred moon time and to reclaim the shamanic power of our menstrual cycle.

:: Sexual Rhythms ::

As women the time leading up to, during and just after our moon time is our most sexually activated time. It is our time when we can be the most sexually aroused, and if we make love during the time we can access our most wild primal feminine time of our cycle.

Studies show that in the time before, during and after our menstruation women are more sexually on fire that during ovulation. Contrary to popular belief our ovulation is a more lunar time, where we are in a deeper receptive flow.

When we are bleeding we are more cosmically and multi dimensionally aware. When we make love while we are bleeding we can experience a merging between our sensual, sexual, erotic natures and our mystical natures.

Many of conventional religions has always led us to believe that sex was merely for pro creation, and made making love during menstruation taboo, dirty wrong.

In shamanic and mystical cultures it has long been known that for a women to make love to a man while she was bleeding was one of the highest initiations for a man.

Those of us who are remembering the ancient tantric star teachings know that this is a time, to anoint our beloveds with our sacred moon blood, to support him to remember his deeper connection to his feminine soul.

Anointing him on his altar major chakra, the entry point for the descending feminine soul is key for initiating a man into the mysteries.

In the ancient Gnostic traditions, and the Celtic Grail mysteries a woman’s moon blood was known to carry the codes of creation and was considered a sacred elixir, that was drunk from the chalice, representing the life giving power of the Divine Mother and would bring its life giving powers to the one taking the sacrament. This sacred ritual was taken by the Catholic Church and twisted into being the body and blood of Christ. Another example of Christianity taking power from the Feminine and empowering their own agenda.

:: Patriarchal Shaming ::

Our moon time is one of our most sacred blessings from the Divine Mother, our moon blood is a life giving blood that flows with the codes of creation yet it society taught that a womans womb blood, was dirty, something to hide, something to be ashamed of and definitely never have sex on your period.

Many conventional religions also banished women from the temple and sacred practices during there moon time. The Patriarchal cultures knew that this was a time when a women was more connected to her wild and primal self and could not so easily be controlled or subdued so they often created laws where women where banned from taking part in sacred ceremonies.

I pray that this unspoken war between the patriarchal religions, governments and the feminine mystical wisdom be over. May we forgive the past and reclaim our power back as our own.

We as women need to reclaim our moon time as our most sacred time, a time when we are able to be in access to our most wild primal feminine, a time when we are able to access our shamanic multi dimensional selves.

Shamanic Menstruation - Mary Magdalene

:: Shamanic Menstruation ::

Our moon time is a time when we are the most connected to our spiritual gifts and our psychic awareness is highly attuned. My moon time was always a time when the veils between the worlds would thin and I would be the most shamanic ally open, receive visions and my healing or teachings would drop in deeper than usual.

Bleeding directly on the earth or offering our blood to the earth, connects us deeply to the intelligence of the womb of creation. It is what links our life stream to hers more than anything.

A monthly practice of offering your blood to the earth, will deepen your connection to the earth, ecstatically linking your womb to the womb of creation.

A time of rest, renewal and a time of cleansing.

Conscious bleeding invites us to honour our sacred moon time a a time to slow down and rest and renewal a time of cleanings. It is a time for dreaming, for creative reverie, a time to consciously take time out.

In some cultures like the American Indian cultures, the mystical traditions of Sufism, Mystical Kabbalah. Women honored this sacred time.

This is why there were moon lodges, or red tents, a time when women would gather together in recluse to rest and renew themselves for the month.

I know when I take that time out for the month I have more energy and my vitality’s higher than when I would push through during moon time and keep on active as always.

Our moon time is an opportunity to cleanse our wombs of any psychic congestion we have gathered over the month. A time to sit on the earth, to open our root chakras and bleed out all that we have absorbed during the month.

As I have shared before, for those women who are not bleeding it is still important to create a sacred day for womb cleansing even when you are not bleeding to open your root chakra and allow your womb to cleanse out whatever you have absorbed.

Then you can begin the process of ecstatic bleeding from your activated womb, giving your blood to Mama Gaia in an ecstatic flow of grace.

This is your time to be creative, anoint yourself on sacred meridians, honour your time for dreaming, for integration for taking time out.

Create a little sacred red tent for yourself. Surround yourself in coloured pencils, or go and create a sacred space out on the earth if it is warm and get naked and free bleed.

You will feel so renewed if you go with the natural rhythm of your cycle and not against it.

:: Period Pain ::

When we do not consciously cleanse our wombs they get congestion, period pain is often caused by unfelt emotion and is a call for deeper release. Period pain can also be caused by old trauma that has not yet been dealt with, the trauma of old sexual abuse, or the by unprocessed emotional pain from old abortions, or the pain of being entered sexually when we are not ready.

Every time a women says yes when she meant no, her womb contracts, these contractions are like birthing pains, calling you to feel, release and heal the old wounds of your past.

Womb Cleaning, breathing the pink light of the Goddess, opening to the descending ray of the Divine Feminine – Shekinah can really support the uplifting and clearing of the womb.

This is not a time to raise energy, but to open to the down flow, to release and let go. Pray to feel, pray to release.

:: Core Wound Day ::

Over the years I called day one of my period “core wound day”, as I noticed a pattern, that I would often be triggered in a deep wounding on that day. I notice this all around me in my friends and my own daughter, that this day of increased emotional sensitivity was more than just hormonal fluctuations.

I feel that we have the opportunity to consciously bleed and offer to the earth, the core wounded pattern that is activated during that time. If we are able to bring it to consciousness we have the opportunity to release and offer it to the earth.

Free Bleeding on the earth or collecting the blood and offering it back to the earth with the intention to release whatever it is that has come to your attention during your period if one of the most powerful and potent rituals to release a wounded pattern.

Shamanic Menstruation - Mary Magdalene

Here is a step by step process below for your liberation

:: Shamanic Moon Blood Ritual ::

On Day One of your period or the day before, we have the opportunity to heal and release old wounded patterns and stories.
I invite you to watch what arises and bring the consciousness to it that it is arising to be healed and released.
Take the time to get really clear on the pattern, taking fully responsibility for the pattern.
Then when you are clear, honour your sacred moon time for giving you the opportunity to reflect, see, witness and release this pattern.
Collect your moon blood, if you have a moon cup simply pour it in a glass, or if you bleed into a tampon soak the tampon in a glass of water and then our it into a sacred chalice.
Go out and sit on the earth in your garden or a sacred and quiet place in nature.
Then breath your prayers and intentions into your blood and offer them to the earth.

Consciously releasing for yourself and for all your relations.

Then go inside again and dream in the new. Allow yourself to claim back your highest vision for the polarity of that experience and womb manifest your highest dreams.

For your sacred moon time,

Leyolah Ma

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