Maria Magdalena,
Is inviting your embodied expression of the Feminine Christ Light
She is a wild, ecstatic priestess of the red path of erotic embodiment
She comes to dance with us in her red skirt spinning to expose her YONI dripping wet, HOT in her passion for LIFE.
Her red heart chamber radiating her pure love.
Her womb ecstatically lighting up, all the possibilities of her soul.
She calls us to claim our ecstatic erotic power
To express our wild ness
To remember you deserve pleasure
And that your voice deserves to be heard.

Mary Magdalene and Yeshua and the Essenes were ecstatic mystics.

Ecstatic Dancing, Love Making and Singing were an intrinsic part of their devotional practice.
Magdalene calls us to bring the WILD ECSTATIC JOY into our practice.
To give yourself permission to live in sensual EROTIC embodied joy of life.
To set your voice free.
To ecstatically sing and dance your devotion
And find the freedom in your imperfection and PLAY.

Let us enter her HOLY TEMPLE
As you ARE SHE
Surrender to the ecstatic red rivers of love and REMEMBER
Allow yourself to EXPLODE in ecstatic STAR BURSTS OF EVERY CELL
And REMEMBER how to awaken her essence within you
And choose to embody your ecstatic essence.

Come into the WILD
And allow the ecstatic pulsations of creation to lift your vibration
Drink the nectar of her deep red wine
Allow the nectar of LIFE to pulse into every temple
And MOVE the old stagnate waters
And allow your self to EXPRESS freely without HESITATION
Come into the WILD SHAKTI
Unleash your VOICE, and open into your authentic FLOW
Be patient and kind with yourself

And LET GO of the shackles, the constrictions, the conditioning that has held you back from expressing your AUTHENTIC VOICE.
Let go of the trying to be good, the trying to get it right.

Release yourself and allow the FREEDOM of your unbridled expression.

Let the SHAME rise to the surface
Magdalene is here to help you see and lift off all the CLOAKS of SHAME you have been wearing.
To support you to be an embodied, SHAMELESS expression of your AUTHENTIC RAW BEAUTY
And dance to peel off the cloak of shame in all her forms

Let the old shame rise to the surface
The voice that says you are not good enough
You are not ready to share your gifts
You are not worthy of the desires that you have.
And if you pursue those desires you will be caste out and be shamed
That what you have to say, or contribute is not enough
That if you express your life work you will be shamed, shunned and rejected.

Beloved Sister,

You are called to DANCE to dissolve that LIE in your LOVE
To DANCE the ecstatic aliveness of Magdalene into form
To remember that it is SAFE for you to be yourself
That it is safe for you to Express your true gifts.

And ALLOW yourself to LIFT the veils of SHAME
Lift the veils of Shame that you are TOO MUCH
Lift the Veil of I have to be small to fit in and be liked
Lift the veil that you will be killed and rejected if you SHINE too bright

Opening into the power of Acceptance and LOVE transform ALL
Forgive yourself for believing the lies
Forgive yourself for giving power to the false beliefs

And allow the POWER OF LOVE
To Dissolve all the veils of SHAME

And Liberate your SHAKTI

It is time to move your energy sister, have a dance and shake it up. Dance to break it up and move your body and put your psyche in motion. Dance to pray to shift any of the old stories arising or the old emotions surfacing.

Liberating Shakti – By Pippa La Doube from Elestial Designs

Spotify Play List

Ecstatic Dancing Prayer of the Magdalene

Track One :: Great Mother :: Pray in Devotion :: To Divine Mother GAIA Sophia
Track Two :: The Great Sky Lodge..:: Move to gather SHAKTi and cultivate ecstatic life force in your WOMB
Track Three :: Ecstatically Activate your Womb. Breath, Pray. Move your hips in circles.
Track Four :: Call in the WILD FIRE OF MAGDALENE :: grounded power
Track Five :: UNLEASH YOUR SHAKTI :: Get Wilder, let go. Dance to let go.
Track Six :: Dance the Sacred Union of Divine Mother and Divine Father merged in our heart :: Sacred Inner Union
Track Seven :: Embody your inner AUTHORITY :: Your BACK BODY open, lean into yourself :: dance to be centered in your womb. Your heart open, your erotic body awake. Know you are worthy to receive.
Track Eight :: Your womb ecstatic :: Your yoni dripping you are crowned with the golden crown of your celestial soul, receiving light into all parts of you that opened, healed and released.

To your wild ecstatic joy,

Leyolah Ma

Magdalene Feast Day

FREE Sacred Transmission

I am calling a collective gathering of wise women to join together with an intention to release the vows of secrecy and lift the veils of silence that have kept the feminine mysteries hushed for thousands of years. This silence once saved our lives, but now it is destroying our planet.

Together we RISE

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