Dear Women,
It is Time to Speak Up

It’s time to Give Voice to Your Intuition,
Your Soul Knowing

What if you told it like it is?
What if you did not hold back your deep knowing?
What if you stopped trying to be liked, or accepted?
What if you gave yourself PERMISSION to speak from your primal instinctual gut knowing?

The World Would Be A Better Place for it!

The intuitive voice of the feminine has been hushed down for too long
And look at where it has gotten us.

Enough being the good girl.
Enough looking for love in all the wrong places.
Enough second guessing yourself.

There is a Global Re Evolution in Consciousness Stirring…

An uprising of women reclaiming their fierce inner mystic

Because it has never been more crucial that we take our roles
as guides and protectors of our planet, our families and our culture.

The Dark Goddess KALI MA is here to take you through an embodied initiation
To ignite the wisdom of the fierce mystic
Its a process of realigning your sensual* energy
Of connecting the wisdom of your deep inner knowing and expressing it through your voice
It is about linking your womb and your throat
We have been silencing our intuitive voices for too long and now a healing is required
A rewiring of your energetic system

This is an invitation to WATCH THIS FREE WEBINAR to do just that!

If you relate to this webinar, please join us for the The Temple of Kali online immersion

The Goddess Kali is calling you out to claim back your sovereign VOICE.

When we connect to Kali Shakti we are connecting into a force that is pure love, that brings the grace of spiritual transformation.
We can call on her to help us to dissolve the obstacles that stand in the way of us rising into our soul power and birthing our magnificence.
Kali Shaki gives us the power to have a breakthrough inside of any part of our selves where we deeply desire transformation.

To embody her requires a descent into our bodies, she teaches us how to be with the uncomfortable, how to love ALL parts of ourselves. Our dark mother does not judge light over dark she loves all parts of ourselves unconditionally.
She is calling you… are you ready to come out and play?

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